Friday, March 19, 2010

Oscar winners

Yeah, the Oscars were a while back, but I hadn't gotten around to commenting on them yet. Sorry.

I was really please with the result, even though I have to admit that I haven't seen 'The Hurt Locker' yet. I just didn't have time with school and everything, but I have hope I might still catch it in theatres.

Kathryn Bigelow - I did see 'Point Break' and her directing definitely is very good. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the director's work when I watch a movie, because it is the one thing that is really hard to put your finger one. You can see the actors, their costumes and make-up, the sets, all of those things. With directors, it is hard to see their style if you have only seen one of their movies. But I am just really happy that finally - FINALLY - a woman has won the Best Director Academy Award. It has been long overdue!

I absolutely adore Sandra Bullock. But it's not just that she is absolutely lovely, she is also a great actress. 'The Blind Side' really showed that side of her and to me, she really deserved this award.

Mo'Nique - If you have seen the film, then you will know just as I do that this win was so well deserved.

And then I was really excited about the well-deserved Oscar win by fellow Austrian Christoph Waltz!