Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lauren Graham on Ellen again


"Oh my god, I'm so needing a pizza, right?" - I'm still laughing and I've seen this three times now.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The accuracy of personality quizzes

You are Mark!

You're only here for the party, right? You're not here to do any good or save any lives are you? Because, now and then, you give the remarkably uncanny impression of someone who actually cares about something - other than looking good and making the most conquests. Even though you're very good at both, you secretly yearn for something a little more lasting, a little more meaningful.

Um, yeah, right. I am just like Mark! Totally. Get all the chicks. Look hot all the time. Am cocky constantly. Who knew?

Grey's Anatomy Monday

As you all already know, I'm completely obsessed with Callica. So from now on, each Monday, I will post my thoughts on the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. My two cents might not cover all the scenes from the episode and I will leave out things that I just didn't care for, so if you want to read a complete recap of the episodes check out AfterEllen, Dara is doing hilarious recaps!

What I liked:
  • Erica's curls!!! *sigh*
  • Cristina telling Meredith to "Shut up!".
  • Even though the Chief told Erica that she's a bad teacher, in the end it turns out that she was right from the beginning. Also, while the Chief just stands there and watches Callie panic, Erica calms her down and is able to really help her.
  • Cristina realizing that she's not as good as she thought either and that her interns are idiots because she doesn't teach them.
  • Cristina's dream sequence
  • Callie and Erica's awkwardness - great acting from both lovely ladies
  • Callie and Erica's last scene - so sweet, funny and just awesome. Plus I loved that Callie said "You don't need to know that *yet*."
  • The fact that Callie said "kissing girls" and Erica said "kissed a woman" - terminology is often an issue when people discover their bi/homosexuality
  • Bailey

What I didn't like:
  • The Chief. All of him in the episode, really, all of it.
  • Meredith not shutting up
  • Rose - why did they have to turn her into a crazy person?
  • Izzie's dream sequence was a bit strange to me, because she broke up a marriage after Denny died and she still dreams about him? Yeah, I get that it must be hard for her to get over him because she really loved him, but still.
  • Alex's reaction to Merediths comment seemed exaggerated.
  • Callie really wanted to do the procedure and as soon as something didn't go according to plan, she started to panic and shut down completely. I felt something was missing, she was so insecure so fast which was out of character.
What I want to see in the next episode:
  • More Callica screentime
  • That Meredith does shut up
  • Cristina working on herself and her teaching skills
  • More Cristina and Owen scenes - those two have interesting chemistry!
Favorite quote:
"I don't do therapy. I just get all ahhhh. And then, I get all clingy and… OK. You don't need to know that yet."

Screencaps @ Home of the Nutty

Saturday, September 27, 2008

AE meet-up in Zurich

The AfterEllen meet-up in Zurich was so much fun, just that evening was worth the whole trip. But I’ll start at the beginning: When Bridget and Karman first came in, seeing them was really surreal. It didn’t seem to me that that was finally happening. They shook hands with everybody and we sat in a big circle and talked. Later, even more people showed up and then we split the circle up, with various groups talking. Karman and a few of us talked about the vlogs and she said that she thinks Sarah (Warn, for the non-AE regulars) created a lesbian TV-channel without even aiming for that. Mainly because there’s just no lesbian content on TV and she wanted to create something that she was missing. I think it’s pretty amazing that she just thought “I would like to read/see this or that” and then created it. We also talked about pride parades and the LGBT offers in various European countries and it seems that there’s a very common theme: There are nearly no lesbian offers, but loads of clubs, parties and meetings for gay men, which honestly, sucks! But that’s just the same in Austria. Karman said that she thinks once advertisers realize that lesbians do have some money too things will change, also for AfterEllen. Let’s just hope that that day will come sooner than later.

I also had the chance to talk to Bridget alone for a while, which was amazing!! We talked about chocolate (I brought them Austrian chocolate), my dreams to move to the states and the fact that she was Hottie No. 4 on AE’s Hot 100. Her comment: That is ridiculous. My comment: I voted for you, you’re beautiful.

They had to leave after two hours to meet with their tour guide but some other girls/women stayed longer and I had some very interesting conversations with some of the ladies. I met two Vicki’s from California and their partners/wives Alex/Alexis, which was fun. Both couples met in California and moved to Switzerland and there are a few more parallels between them, which is really interesting because they share names. There was some joking going on that there might actually only be one Alex/Alexis because all four had never met or that the world would implode when they finally met (It didn’t, just in case you were wondering). I also had a very interesting conversation with Julianne (I hope that’s how she spells her name) from Australia, who might come to Austria in a week or two.

Anyways, I had so much fun and if you like AfterEllen and have the chance to go to one of those meet-ups, I can only recommend it. Should there be another one in Europe I will try everything to go. Bridget and Karman were very nice, sweet and inclusive, they talked to everybody and it was a really great experience. I have to admit that I’m biased, because I love AE so much and they are like TV-stars to me, but still. I’m not going to post all the pictures I took because some people don’t want their photos to be on lesbian websites, which I understand. Someone took a great picture of me and Bridget that I hope will show up on AE, or else I’ll try to get into contact with her so that she can send it to me. For now, those two will have to do. (They probably do for you anyways.). I’ll post some pictures of Zurich later on in a separate post.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey's returns + AE meet-up tomorrow!

Today I watched last Sunday's episode of 'Brunch with Bridget' and suddenly I realized 'Wow, I'm actually going to meet her tomorrow!'. It still seems kind of surreal to me, like I won't believe it until I see them. I am nervous, happy and excited all in once. I will take the early train to Zurich at 8.30 and I'll be in Zurich around noon. Then I might already do some sightseeing, eat lunch and hopefully find some cool places. The Zurich Tourist Information website has an own section dedicated to Gays & Lesbians, how cool is that?? I think I will buy some rainbow gear unless it's too expensive. Then I'll go to the meet-up and I'll probably go to my hotel afterwards. Saturday will be spent sightseeing and then I have to go back to Ibk already. On Sunday, I'll go back home and watch TV all night because our election will take place on Sunday. Busy weekend!

I went to get my hair cut today so that my hair will look good tomorrow and my curls are wild! It looks good, though, because I have an oval-shaped face and curls just suit me. I went to a salon in Ibk and only the second hairdresser since I was a child, so I was a bit anxious, but the hairdresser was really nice and knew exactly what to do with my hair and styled it so it fit my face, so I was really pleased.

Today, Grey's Anatomy returns with the 2-hour season premiere!! Actually, it will be tomorrow here by the time it airs in America, but who's that accurate (I am). I won't be able to watch the whole episode tomorrow morning, because I'm taking the early train, but I hope that someone uploads the Callica scenes so I can at least watch that. Dorothy Snarker posted screencaps and the general plot of the Callica scenes already, so I basically already know what will happen, but nothing beats actually seeing it. Her post is highly spoilery, but those two pictures are so worth being spoilt! So cute! Can you believe the summer is already over? It's been over 4 months (!!) since the season finale aired and to the day 4 months since I started blogging. I have no words.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama Mia! catchy tunes

I just came back from watching 'Mamma Mia!' - I know, it's been on forever - and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Meryl Streep was acting over the top in the first 30 minutes of the movie, but then it got better. I'm a huge Meryl Streep fan, but her acting in the beginning really was just strange and bizarre. I really enjoyed the music and the songs fit well into the story. So, overall, a nice way to spend two hours.

Lindsay Lohan officially came out last night and Clay Aiken came out on the cover of People magazine today. There seems to be something in the water in LA (and thank god for that!). I'm kinda waiting for a statement by Kelly Clarkson - even if that might just be a daydream *wink*. It's great that those two decided to be open about this, because I think it sends a positive message to gay people - and we kinda need positive messages if you ask me!

In Austria, there are political discussions about legalizing gay marriage or civil unions, but we are really far behind the other European countries and this is one main reason why I want to leave. There exists a gay rights movement, but it's really small and I wish we had anything resembling the feelings in the video above. We don't even have an out lesbian celebrity, apart from a few unknown politicians, which really sucks. So, if you can vote on this topic in your country, consider your choices and think of how far the civil rights movement came and then do what's right not only for you, but for all the other people who are not treated equally as well.

Warning: Parent rant below

I am so ready to head back to Ibk, I mean, seriously! My mum is driving me crazy! I love her, but still. I feel like I'm ten years old again at home. She constantly tells me what to do and tries to boss me around and I've gotten so used to doing things on my own terms that I could really just explode sometimes. My parents had that rule when we were little that we weren't supposed to eat in our rooms because we would make a mess or something. But the older we got the less we cared about that rule and honestly, as a teenager, I really think it's okay to eat a snack in your room. So I sometimes have glasses or cups or dishes standing around in my room. Big deal. I usually eat something in the afternoon in my room and I take the dirty dishes back down in the morning because I have a tendency to forget about them in the evening. Now, my mother constantly bitches about that as if she were the one sitting in my room and staring at the dishes. It's not even like they smell or something, she just needs something to bitch about to somehow control me or something. I tell her repeatedly to not enter my room if she doesn't want to see the 'chaos' or the dishes, but she really can't help herself. So every night she tells me to clean up my room and I tell her every night I'll get right to it, which means that I'll do it later or maybe the next day. And my room isn't even a mess, I just have a few things lying on my desk. Big deal.

I mean, seriously, I'm 20 years old, she should be able to respect my privacy and acknowledge that I'm not a slob but that I'm just busy sometimes. At home, I get literally nothing done because my mum is getting on my nerves so much that I immediately build those walls around myself. It's a strange cycle, really, but I don't know how to break it. If she would just give me some space to breathe that would be really fucking amazing.

*End of rant.*

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Rachel Maddow.

I remember when I was a kid, I liked watching the news at night because of Ingrid Thurnher. Sometimes, my parents allowed me to stay up until 10 o'clock so that I could watch the "ZIB2" on the Austrian national public service broadcaster. I wasn't really interested in the news and I didn't understand most of the things they talked about, but I loved watching Ingrid Thurnher because she seemed so smart, knowledgeable and eloquent. She always radiates competence and that drew me to her like a moth to the flame. Watching her now, I know that she knows what she's doing and that she has enormous amounts of knowledge stored in her brain, but also that she must prepare very carefully for each interview. Ingrid Thurnher was the anchor for the news and now hosts the round table discussions. What I love most when watching these is when she smirks at some nonsense comment by a politician - even though she always stays neutral, she sometimes can't quite hide her feelings.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cristina has her mojo back

How much do I love her for that?

Hot indeed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living in a bubble, all by myself

I'm alone a lot right now and I'm beginning to like it too much. I've been in Ibk for two weeks now and I met with two friends once for coffee right on my third day here and then we met again to watch 'Wanted', but we really only went to see the movie and didn't sit down to talk before or afterwards. So that pretty much sums up the social contact I've had in two weeks and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Sure, I talked to a few people on the phone, mainly my parents, but a few phone calls aren't exactly a fulfilling social life to most people. Seems like once again, I'm not like most people.

My summer wasn't as recreative as I had hoped it would be and right now, I'm really revelling in the free time I have on my hands. I should be preparing for my exam, which I am, but I could easily do more, study harder. The thing is - I'm really wrapped up in myself right now and in just being. Just existing. And I love it. I could sit in front of my computer and surf the net and watch TV all day and just *be* and I wouldn't mind one bit. In fact, some days the thought that I should pick up the phone and call my grandma to say hi or that I should reply to that email that has been sitting in my inbox for a week waiting for a reply seems too much. It seems too much to force myself to be sociable and to write something someone else might be interested in. Sometimes, it even seems to much to just reply to a text message.

I'm generally really drawn to those characters on TV that really don't care about other people (eg House). I think I would be like that if I didn't have any manners. I have great manners and I know how to behave in social situations, but mostly I don't even really like interacting with others. It seems very much like work and a duty and like something that I do because that's what you do. Sure, there are times when I meet with friends and have a great time and great conversations when I just enjoy the company of others. But then there are times when I just don't have anything to say and I'd very much rather be left alone with my thoughts. That's why I like this blog. I don't write it for others to read but I write to get the thoughts out of my mind. Basically, I'm having a conversation with myself and if someone chimes in, that's really nice, but if not it's just as fine as well.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. I don't have holidays all the time and I don't have the flat to myself most of the time. When I was at home this summer, I worked for one month and at work, I had to be on my best behaviour. So all my 'social' energy went towards being friendly and courteous and attentive and my mood at home in the evenings wasn't really that great. My mum was really disappointed because she wanted to spend time with me and talk and do stuff and I just really wanted to be left alone. I knew that I wasn't exactly friendly most of the time but I just couldn't help myself.

I don't know why I like being alone so much and why I don't crave human contact. I don't know what will happen once I have to leave my bubble and go back to the real world. If you happen to be one of the people waiting to hear from me then I'm sorry, I will write back eventually, I just don't feel like I CAN right now. In rare moments I wonder how psychologically healthy it is to completely cut myself off from the world but then again, I feel really good. I feel like I'm not stressed out right now and the internal turmoil has finally calmed down a bit, which is a great relieve. Now I'll just hope that I can transition that feeling back into the real world in which I'm forced and also happy to interact with other human beings.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Rachel Weisz, who is both stunningly beautiful and hot!

Melissa Etheridge. How could I not love that woman? Firstly, her music. "Like the Way I Do". "Angels Would Fall". "Similar Features". "I'm the Only One". "Map of the Stars". I don't think I could choose a favorite song. My favorite Melissa song changes every day, depending on the mood I'm in. That's so great about her music, there's a song for every mood. If someone told me I had to choose only one artist that I could listen to for the rest of my life I could easily choose her as I listen to her music most of the time anyways. Secondly, Melissa Etheridge seems to do everthing she does with conviction and because she really believes in it.

Thirdly, she's a lesbian icon and a great one for that matter.
"I have achieved the American dream. The big beautiful American dream is mine. And that's not easy thing, 'cause I'm different. At least that's what they say. They say I'm different, but you know what? As of today, I'm done. I'm done being different, okay?"
As I said, how could I not love that woman?

AfterEllen meet-up in Zurich, Part I

In last week's Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever., the AE staff announced that Karman and Bridget were planning an AE meet-up in Zurich on Friday, September 26th and ever since I've been trying to not get too exited about this. Yet. Because if for some reason or another this meet-up doesn't work out, I don't want to be too disappointed. Obviously, I'm hoping that the meet-up will take place, since I will be able to go to Zurich!!

I've already found out that it's a little less than a four hour train ride to Zurich, they accept Euros and they speak German. My dad said that it's a nice city so I'll use the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing and at least stay for one night. I haven't started looking for a cheap hotel room because I'm waiting to hear more from AfterEllen and I should actually be mentally focusing on the accountancy exam I'm writing on Tuesday. But I'm already thinking about what to wear and what to do with my hair and *important* stuff like that. I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now. ;-)

So, if any of you, my dear readers, are planning on going to Zurich as well, pretty please leave a comment! Right now I don't know anyone yet who will go to that meet-up and it would be nice to get to know someone beforehand.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love me some Sarah!

Haskins, that is, not Palin! You've probably already seen this, but just in case you haven't, enjoy:


Wanted: Angelina Jolie

No, seriously! I'd take the six kids and take care of them, no problem. I like kids! ;-) Okay, never gonna happen...

I just came back from watching 'Wanted', which was fun and a lot of cool action, but the plot was a little thin. I loved the action sequences because everything was happening so fast that it was hard to even register all and I felt the way Wesley would feel - I think they did a great job with putting the viewer into the seat of the main character.

I forgot about Bridget McManus being in the movie, so I completely forgot to see whether I would be able to see her on screen. But Sarah Warn said that it would be hard to catch her so I guess I don't have to feel too bad about not seing her.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Stand Up

Get early screenings. Routine mammograms save lives and can prevent the need for chemotherapy. Don't smoke. Live consciously. Be aware.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

People that make my skin crawl

As I've been watching lots of Rachel Maddow clips on Youtube, I've naturally also encountered people who are so wrong it's not even funny anymore.

So, here is my short list of people who make my skin crawl, which might or might not be extended over time:
  • Bill O'Reilly *shudder*
  • Ann Coulter - she really makes me want to rip my hair out
On a more positive note, there are also people who can un-crawl my skin:
In my world, short list apparently means only two, but as I'm off to prepare for an exam, maybe more will follow later!?

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders.

'Post-rational' might be my new favorite word, if I can just think of a way to throw it into a conversation.

I first discovered Rachel Maddow through the love and praise others gave her. Maddow has a degree from both Standford and Oxford University. She is the first openly gay American Rhodes scholar and obviously very smart. Her charm make her interesting to watch when she gets into discussions with right-wing politicians and analysts because even though they clearly disagree, Rachel keeps her cool and her cheerfulness. This woman knows what she's talking about and on top of that all, she's cute!

Holy Moly!

I realized a few weeks ago that I'm far nearer to my 21st birthday than to my 20th. How come the first 7 months of the year feel shorter than the 5 last?

Also, the supermarkets started selling Christmas products a while ago already!! I'm not kidding. They started selling all kinds of gingerbread, which I guess you can eat all year long. But the star-shaped, chocolate-covered gingerbread that has golden stars on the packaging is clearly christmasy - I really don't want to eat that in August!! I love chocolate-covered gingerbread, but not when it's 30 degrees outside. I wish that Christmas started with the first Sunday in Advent, that's my dream. Then I could have a birthday that would actually feel like a birthday and not like a precursor to christmas.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I had a very nasty virus on my computer last weekend. Luckily, my brother was in town to help me re-set up my computer and he was able to save my data, but I don't have windows office right now. Which sucks, kinda.

I'm back in Innsbruck to prepare for my exams. Or I should be preparing for my exams, instead I read massive amounts of fanfiction to vote at ga_ficawards over at livejournal. I got nominated too!! In the Callie/Erica drama category. I'm very happy about that, but not even I voted for myself. I'm up against "One Heart Too Many" by former weekend crush burningeden, who kick's our collective writers' asses by writing amazingly beautiful stories! But I'm flattered and honored by the nomination alone. I'm reading through all the shorter stories in the categories I'm interested in to cast a vote. Which are mainly all the categories with Erica or Callie or femslash.

Yesterday, Grey's returned with the post-strike episodes on Austrian TV and I watched it excitedly, even though I've seen it twice already. Yeah, I'm weird like that. I still can't wait for September 25th to roll around. I bet I won't be able to sleep that night and I'll be up early, bright and shiny, searching Youtube for uploads.

I'm off to write fanfiction - by hand. I forgot how slow writing things by hand is.