Friday, September 12, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Rachel Weisz, who is both stunningly beautiful and hot!

Melissa Etheridge. How could I not love that woman? Firstly, her music. "Like the Way I Do". "Angels Would Fall". "Similar Features". "I'm the Only One". "Map of the Stars". I don't think I could choose a favorite song. My favorite Melissa song changes every day, depending on the mood I'm in. That's so great about her music, there's a song for every mood. If someone told me I had to choose only one artist that I could listen to for the rest of my life I could easily choose her as I listen to her music most of the time anyways. Secondly, Melissa Etheridge seems to do everthing she does with conviction and because she really believes in it.

Thirdly, she's a lesbian icon and a great one for that matter.
"I have achieved the American dream. The big beautiful American dream is mine. And that's not easy thing, 'cause I'm different. At least that's what they say. They say I'm different, but you know what? As of today, I'm done. I'm done being different, okay?"
As I said, how could I not love that woman?

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