Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey's returns + AE meet-up tomorrow!

Today I watched last Sunday's episode of 'Brunch with Bridget' and suddenly I realized 'Wow, I'm actually going to meet her tomorrow!'. It still seems kind of surreal to me, like I won't believe it until I see them. I am nervous, happy and excited all in once. I will take the early train to Zurich at 8.30 and I'll be in Zurich around noon. Then I might already do some sightseeing, eat lunch and hopefully find some cool places. The Zurich Tourist Information website has an own section dedicated to Gays & Lesbians, how cool is that?? I think I will buy some rainbow gear unless it's too expensive. Then I'll go to the meet-up and I'll probably go to my hotel afterwards. Saturday will be spent sightseeing and then I have to go back to Ibk already. On Sunday, I'll go back home and watch TV all night because our election will take place on Sunday. Busy weekend!

I went to get my hair cut today so that my hair will look good tomorrow and my curls are wild! It looks good, though, because I have an oval-shaped face and curls just suit me. I went to a salon in Ibk and only the second hairdresser since I was a child, so I was a bit anxious, but the hairdresser was really nice and knew exactly what to do with my hair and styled it so it fit my face, so I was really pleased.

Today, Grey's Anatomy returns with the 2-hour season premiere!! Actually, it will be tomorrow here by the time it airs in America, but who's that accurate (I am). I won't be able to watch the whole episode tomorrow morning, because I'm taking the early train, but I hope that someone uploads the Callica scenes so I can at least watch that. Dorothy Snarker posted screencaps and the general plot of the Callica scenes already, so I basically already know what will happen, but nothing beats actually seeing it. Her post is highly spoilery, but those two pictures are so worth being spoilt! So cute! Can you believe the summer is already over? It's been over 4 months (!!) since the season finale aired and to the day 4 months since I started blogging. I have no words.

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