Friday, February 6, 2009

So gay

Clementine Ford, actress and daugther of Cybill Shepherd, came out in an interview for Diva magazine. Is it bad that I'm happy and excited about that? She doesn't actually say whether she is gay or bisexual, but the point is, this beautiful, cute, great actress is playing for our team. I get to be excited about that, right? Right!

And since we're already talking about this subject and I've been saying this so much lately, I just wanted to post the video of Dana being "So gay." Because I'm just so gay too.

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Britni said...

I actually already knew that Clementine was gay. My good friend lives in LA and sees her at the girls clubs all the time :)

It also explains a little bit why her mother would be so interested in supporting a show about lesbians!

I've also learned that Rose Rollins is gay, too :)