Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it's getting hot in here, so take off all your cloths...

Today was the first really nice, sunny and hot day this year. Hot as in 30° Celsuis, or for Americans: 86° Fahrenheit. So, I went outside a bit in the later afternoon and still could only sit in the sun for about 45 minutes before I thought I was going to melt away. Obviously, this is the perfect weather for icecream and as I didn't have any at home - that can't be true, can it? - I went out to get some. I found this:

I thought Eskimo did not produce Brickerl anymore, but I guess I was wrong. I used to love this ice, because it was chocolate on the outside AND chocolate on the inside!! It also was the second-cheapest ice pop available, so perfect for my tight pocket money budget. While I ate my Brickerl and felt very happy, I thought about the famous Tschisi (picture at the top). This was a kids favourite when I was small, it was introduced in 1990 and taken off the market in 1998 (I think). Whenever I talk to people about icecream the conversation always leads us to Tschisi, which everybody seems to love. This special ice pop looked like it cheese, even had holes like cheese. I'm not really sure anymore what it tasted like, but it was good!!! So, while I was looking for pictures of Tschisi online, I came across an email someone had sent to Eskimo, asking them to bring Tschisi back. Apparently, the special technique with which they made the holes into the ice turned out to be a problem to the wooden sticks that hold the ice and they didn't want to risk any children getting any harm. So, they took Tschisi off the market. Google really is my friend, despite their not respecting any privacy.

On friday, there's going to be a party called "Sonnendeck" in my hometown, organised by the local lgbt-organization. I'm really looking forward to going there, because I'll see a lot of my friends again and I'm sure we'll have a blast. Lots of lesbians and gays and the best lesbian djs in town - what do you need more? I really hope that it'll stay this nice, because the party is mostly outside.


Julia said...

Hey you got a really nice blog there!I know how it is to live in a town without a lgbt community.Lucky for us there is Afterellen.com!I noticed that you were writing about an event called sonnendeck sounds german.So are you from Germany that would be real cool cuz i'am too!

helene said...

hmm, sonnendeck... linz?

Nelfy said...

@julia: thanks! I live in austria, so we're neighbours :) you can pm me at AE if you want, my username is Nelfy too

@helene: yeah, in linz! are you going too?

helene said...

i thought about going to sonnendeck tonight, but i won't... don't live in linz (anymore) and it's just too hot to travel across austria today (ok, salzburg is not that far away *lol* but still... )

wish you a great evening & hope you'll have a lot of fun :)