Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders , whose weekend crush this weekend is: Jane Lynch. Yeah, Jane Lynch is hot and funny and you should definitely check out the We’re getting nowhere episode with her.

In case you don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy and don’t read AfterEllen, go to youtube and check out the “Callie and Erica” videos. Dr. Callie Torres is my favourite Grey’s character. She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s hot and she likes to break bones. Sara Ramirez is the actress who plays her. She went to Juillard, started out at Broadway, won a Tony for her role in “Spamelot” and then got offered a role in any ABC primetime show. Since she was a fan of Grey’s, she picked that show and ever since I just love her. She’s a great role model, because she’s not a size 0 and her character is very confident and dances around in underwear and goes to the toilet naked *snicker*. Ah, great moments on my tv!! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Callie kissed Erica Hahn in the season finale. More about that will come later, check out AfterEllen for more. She also took part in the glaad campaign against discrimination and filmed one spot in Spanish.

There’s not a lot of information on Sara Ramirez private life online, so I have no idea whether she’s in a relationship, straight or lesbian (my fantasy). But one thing I know for sure: she’s gorgeous.

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