Thursday, May 29, 2008

the three degrees of famous lesbians

I guess you all know the concept of "six degrees of separation" and we all know how small the lesbian world is. But, even though I know that, I was still surprised when I saw the following picture in Gala (#22, 21. Mai 08).

Samantha Ronson & Jodie Foster, New York
Picture from Gala

My first reaction was: They know each other?? According to the article, Ronson and Foster are close friends (Gala is usually credible, if they print rumors they usually say that it's a rumor). Which surprised me even more, because what do they have in common, apart from being famous and lesbians? And then I had to think of Shane and Bette (or maybe Tina?), who don't really have much in common either and are still pretty good friends. And the fact that they are close friends just shows that the lesbian world is really rather small. I guess you could easily link all famous lesbians in the US through 3 steps - even though Ellen is making it very easy, because she has interviewed a lot of lesbians. Anyways, I was very surprised to see that picture, because I've never seen it before and I also haven't read anything about those two being friends. I didn't even find the picture online, so I thought I'll share it with you and let you ponder about those two for a bit. Comments are appreciated!!

Sorry for the not-so-great quality, I scanned it and the picture in the magazine was small.

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CMF said...

nice! the only thing missing is the matching black hat on jodie's head . ahahahah