Monday, May 26, 2008

The L Word has spoiled me...

Screencap @ Home Of The Nutty

Last week on Grey's Anatomy's season finale, Callie Torres kissed Erica Hahn after a lot of talk about threesomes. Callie decided to be honest and allow her feelings and we'll see next season how that's going to work out for her. I was hoping that she would not continue to have meaningless sex with McSteamy, even though I liked the idea that she's really just using him and isn't at all interested in him. Usually, on tv, woman are not allowed to act that way (except for Samantha on Sex and the City). Anyways, Callie tries to explain to Erica how she feels, but is so overwhelmed that she can't express it other than by kissing Erica *Yay*.

Screencap @ me!

While the storyline and the pairing really made me dance around happily - for real! - their kisses were a bit disappointing. Here's the thing: on "The L Word", kisses are always so steamy and hot and French (hehe), that the Callica kisses seemed tame and tv-kissy. While I get it that it must be difficult for the actresses to be all "hot and bothered" with all the cameras, I still was disappointed. "The L Word" has spoiled me, especially Leisha Hailey and Rose Rollins, Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman.

Case in point #1

Case in point #2 - check out the 4:06 mark!!

I realise that Showtime is a very different to ABC, but still. I can't wait how the Callica relationship is going to turn out, because I really want to see some more action between Callie and Erica. Check out what Brooke Smith has to say about the first kiss! These two actresses are beautiful and hot and they just need a little more training *snicker*.

Update: AfterEllen has posted a mini-recap of the season Finale.

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