Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awards Season - Golden Globes

Ever since I saw the Oscars for the first time in 2004, I've been following the award season with some sense of excitement. Why did I start watching in 2004? Two words: Charlize Theron. I really enjoy the big dresses, seeing all the stars come out to support their films/shows, the suspense and the acceptance speeches.

Last year's award season was pretty disappointing all over, mainly because of the writer's strike and because of all the depressing, male-dominated movies. There are very interesting movies in the running this year, sadly I haven't seen most because they come out so late here (Revolutionary Road, Doubt, Changeling, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button later this month, Rachel getting married and Milk hopefully soon). That's the one advantage the Oscars have for me - I have already seen most of the movies, so I know who to root for.

Despite this, the Golden Globes are probably my favorite awards. The show combines movies and TV, has fewer and therefore mainly really interesting categories and the show is less formal. I wasn't able to watch or tape the show this time, but thanks to youtube, saw most of the highlights, one of them Kate Winslet winning 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama' for Revolutionary Road.

Another highlight? Tina Fey telling internet haters to 'suck it'. None of the dresses really blew me away, but there were some that I really liked:

Madeline Zima - She grew up pretty well!

Salma Hayek - Need I say more?

Kate Winslet - Classic beauty in black

The TV categories were not that interesting to me, because *gasp* I've never seen 30 Rock, even though I've been meaning to for a while. All in all, I think it was a good show and I'm looking forward to the SAG awards and naturally, to the Oscars.

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lena said...

You should definitely watch "30 Rock". I saw the first episode a couple of weeks ago and I'm a big fan ever since. I watched all episodes within a few days and now I can't wait for new ones ;)
It's really entertaining.