Friday, July 3, 2009

Pride Parade

Tomorrow, Austria's biggest (only?) Pride Parade will take place in Vienna. I've never been. In the last two years, something always came up and this year, I can't go either. I'm a little sad, but there is so much on my mind right now that it barely makes a difference. The only Pride Parade I've been to was in Amsterdam and it was pretty amazing. To be in a town full of LGBTQ people celebrating their identity is very empowering. However, I was with a friend and we didn't know anyone else and didn't speak the language, so we couldn't enjoy the parties at night as much as we would have in a group of people.

Looking at pictures from Pride Parades in San Francisco (Malinda Lo, Lesbian Dad) makes me really wish I could have gone too. I probably won't be able to go to any Pride Parades in the States next year, since if I'll be studying there I will be home in June. There's hoping that I'll be able to go to Vienna, but it's impossible to plan ahead a year right now.

So, to all the people going to the parade in Vienna - Enjoy Pride! I hope it doesn't rain and I'm with you in thought!

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