Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping with my mom

Sunday Night

Her: Do you want to go shopping tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, but I want to look for stuff on my own. You won't be attached to my hip all the time, will you?
Her: No, that's fine, I'll need about 2 hours.
Me: Okay, that's enough time for me to find something.

Monday afternoon

Her: Can you help me chose something for dad?
Me: [Sigh, rolls eyes] Yeah.

After we bought something for him, I wanted to check whether they still had a certain jacket in this one store, they didn't. I didn't even really want to buy one, but apparently I had to try on jackets in two different stores until she believed me that I didn't even really want one.

Her: Can you help me buy the things for your sister?
Me: [Double sigh] Yes.

We end up buying nothing for her because they didn't have the game she wanted and my mom wants to buy the other stuff at another store.

Me: Can I go look for presents on my own now?
Her: Yes, I'll go to the supermarket. Do you want me to buy chocolates for the christmas tree?
Me: Yeah.
Her: Then you'll have to join me, I don't know which ones you want.

We've been buying the same kind since I can remember. So, as you can imagine, I was completely unable to even *look* for anything on my own. I think that she probably wanted to know what I would buy for whom, because she's so curious it physically hurts her not to know something.

The next day I spent three hours looking at presents with a friend of mine and I still haven't bought anything, because I just can't decide. So it's shopping hell again tomorrow for me. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

oh yea shopping with mum...
i know what you are talking about ;).
Hope you were lucky today with your shopping tour.