Thursday, December 4, 2008

Writing from the heart

Okay, so I'm neither a literary genius nor the most creative writer. But I decided to try something new and different to improve the quality of my stories. From writing this blog, I know that when I write from the heart and am truly feeling something, my writing seems to be way better. So I wrote some semi-autobiographic one-shot from Erica's perspective. I was really uncertain about posting it, especially since all feedback would eventually also be feedback on me and my life/experiences, not just my writing. After having someone read it and tell me it's good, I decided to go along and post it. The feedback I've been getting so far is pretty amazing. Burningeden, who is probably the best writer in our Callica-community, wrote me this:
This is absolutely gorgeous. There's no other word for it. I am amazed!
I loved the dialogue, that little twist at the end, and all of it. Simply marvelous work! Kudos! Please write more ... you're incredible. :)

I'm completely blown away. I mean, she reads what *I* write? I feel like I'm not even worthy of her time and attention and then she leaves me this comment? Totally made my day! Anyways, now I need to find a way to write about something I haven't gone through and keep up the quality. Wish me luck with that!


Britni said...

I love what you write, which is why I keep coming back. Maybe your writing from a fictional character's perspective is so moving, real, and touching because the fictional character gives you something to hide behind. You are an amazing writer no matter what, but maybe soon you will have the courage to step out of the shadow of Erica Hahn and write either as yourself or as a character that you, yourself made up. Maybe for now, its easier to hide behind a character someone else created. Not that that is bad at all. It's a chance to grow, to find and hone your voice.

But some day, you will step outside the shadow of the fictional character that is not of your mind. You will write as Nelfy, or as Nelfy's character, and it will be just as powerful and just as beautiful.

This blog is but a step in that journey. Whoever the voice that carries your writing, I enjoy it all the same.

Anonymous said...

A comment from Burningeden!
The ultimate accolade!
Congrats ;)

p.s.: now that I'm starting to get the hang out of this, I won't stop ;)