Thursday, March 5, 2009

Annoying valley girl

There is this 'character' that Whoopi sometimes plays on the View that I think is pretty annoying and not that funny. It starts at around 3:40.

BUT, then I saw this interview with Drew Barrymore on Ellen and it clicked. There are actually adults who talk like that, which is even more annoying. Just as annoying as someone saying 'You know' all the time - I'm looking at you, Caroline Kennedy!

One more thing about the first clip: Why the hell is Sherri Shepherd talking about the economy? She obviously has no idea about any economic principles, I think it would do her good to either talk to someone who actually knows something about this subject or to just not say anything at all. I really wonder why an accomplished woman like Barbara Walters offered Sherri that job. Sherri isn't really smart and instead of doing research to make up for it she just talks bullsh*t.

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