Sunday, March 22, 2009

"You're kind of pathetic."

I received an interesting comment on my last post. And by interesting, I mean laughable. I shouldn't even give any attention to it, but it made me laugh. Someone, of course not bold enough to leave their name, left the following comment on my last post:
"You're kind of pathetic. Have you no life outside of
your homosexuality?

Gaygaygaygaygay. Get a life."

Okay, so first: I'm just kind of pathetic. Well then, I have nothing to worry about. Who cares about kind of pathetic?

Second: No, I don't have a life outside of my homosexuality. Do you have a life outside of your heterosexuality? Because if you do, I'd think you're not as straight as you think you are.

Third: You leave comments on blogs you shouldn't even *want* to read in the first place. Who's the one without a life?

Fourth: Fuck off.

That's all. Have a nice day, whether you're gay or straight!


Anonymous said...

Ah, but why assume that I am heterosexual? (For the record, I am not.)

But, since the issue came up, when was the last time that you heard a straight person babble on about their heterosexual, penis-vagina privilege? I understand that straight is the majority; However, it remains to be seen what good being a one-dimensional LGBT person brings forth.

I could list several, very interesting, unique blogs penned by queer people that actually have nothing directly pertinent to do with homosexuality, if you'd like. In 2009, being human with depth, "just like everyone else" is the way to bring about change and equality -- not beating a dead horse with the same tired topics.

See: fashion designers, actors, television hosts, etc.

Nelfy said...

Like I said: Fuck off.

Sarah said...

I like you. Don't change for anyone.


Anonymous said...

wow, you must be really interested in putting your "thoughts" down here when you even come back to respond again. I don't get it! If you don't like the blog and its texts, just don't read it. I bet the blogger also has other thoughts on her mind than being gay but maybe this is the best place to talk about her thoughts concerning the GLBTQ scene. And if that is so, just let her do that! Use your time wisely by reading the other "unique blogs" by queer bloggers that you know. and yes, please list them.

Miss Wings** said...

First of all, I have to say, you better watch who the fuck you call a human without depth or tired - because my girlfriend is certainly neither of those. Her sexuality happens to be a big part of her life, but if you haven't noticed, there ARE plenty of other things that she writes about. Obviously she must be a person of depth or she wouldn't have me - or are you calling me a shallow tired being as well? Its not like it matters enough to be too pissed off, because you don't know us, but i'm just trying to show you that you're wrong... If, however, after a while you still don't get it, i will just give up because by then it will just be a waste of my time. And just so you know, she doesn't write that much about things like what i write about because its too difficult for her too - and yet sometimes she still does. If you're going to waste people's time by saying bitchy things, i think you should spend an entire day reading everything my girl has written because then maybe you'd learn a little about just how amazing she is.

Oh, and by the way, I don't really believe that you're gay.. The LGBT thing was a nice touch, but not really enough to convince me, sorry. Have a nice day, and I hope you are a better person in real life than you appear to be on here...

Oh, and one more thing - be a jerk to my baby again and I WILL find you and kick your ass. And believe me, if you think I can't, think again.