Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Liz and Raimy are back!

Well actually, they have posted 4 promos for the new season of "This just out with Liz Feldman".

I love Raimy's belly laugh! I can't wait for the second season, Liz does the most hilarious interviews ever! I still can't stop laughing when I watch her very first episode, in which she interviews "Shane from The L Word". Plus, Liz has Raimy - "the one friend, that's like the coolest person ever ... and everything they do is cool. You feel cool when you're with them, but as soon as you step out of their shadow, you are like 'I can't believe what a lameass I am'"! I had a friend like that as well in junior high school and I have to admit that I might have a little crush on Raimy. She's cute, I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about most of the time but she does, which I find highly attractive (her knowing what she's talking about, not me having no clue) and she has a great smile that makes her eyes sparkle! Back to the promos: they are short, but sweet and they make me look forward to the next season even more!!

I am rewatching the old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and I realised why I didn't immediately obsess about Callie. No 1 - She really had a small role in the beginning. No 2 - While she very actively flirted with George, she was still very insecure, eg when George found out that she lives in the basement, she tells him that she's not a freak. I like Callie more when she's demanding, when she knows what she wants and just gets it. I'm not really sure whether she has actually evolved as much as I think or whether I'm making this up. But I feel like she isn't as insecure anymore. *ponders*

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