Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No classes = more free time?

Hm, not so much. See, the thing is: When you know that you don't actually have anything to do, you tell other people and then suddenly your schedule is full. I went to the movies twice last week, was invited to two dinner "parties", helped my mum around the house and tomorrow I'm meeting a friend and her two cute girls. I'm also busy writing further chapters for my fanfics (chapter 7 up, people!), editing and posting Callie's scenes onto my Youtube channel, watching Crossing Jordan (season 6 because of Brooke Smith), enjoying the sun and the pool, going shopping (new jacket :D, no new pants :( ) and sleeping. So, actual free time hasn't been experience yet. I miss the summers in which I was so bored that I wished school started again. When you are so bored that you want to go back to school then you know that you are back in the first gear. Right now I feel like I'm going at least in the third gear and I haven't been able to change down a gear.

The movies that I saw were Hancock and Get Smart. I liked both, Hancock was a great new way of looking at Superheroes and featured Charlize Theron. *Swoon*. I didn't like the camera angles and the camera work was weird. Get Smart was very funny, even though me and my friend laughed at numerous scenes at which nobody else laughed.

I've started watching Crossing Jordan because an online friend has told me that it's good and that Brooke Smith is in it, which is reason enough to watch mainly anything. Except Silence of the Lambs, because that movie just freaks me out. So far, I'm really enjoying it! Brooke's character is really great and she gets to do some great acting. I realized, mainly due to the intro, that Tim Kring wrote and produced Crossing Jordan as well as Heroes. He seems very talented, as I like both shows!

"This just out with Liz Feldman" is back for season 2 and I loved the new episode. Made me want to go to a pride parade right now. I am still disappointed that I couldn't go to the one in Vienna this year either.


noora said...

hey.. i like crossing jordan! but i stopped watching after season 4. (though i did watch that episode in s6 about the lesbian mum..) what's brooke's character in it?

haha i get what u mean! suddenly ure free time is filled up so fast that u dont realize. my 4 days of off days ain't enough. i wish i have more. :p

and ill email u next wk? sorry for the 'missing in action', ill xplain myself later.

p.s: interesting blog. :D

Anonymous said...


I ran across your blog somehow, and thought i'd send a message...interesting blog!

LOVE brooke smith, but i have never seen crossing jordan. i'll have to watch sometime.

anyway, thought i'd drop in and say HI!


Nelfy said...

@noora - *yay*, sent you a mail today, can't wait to hear from you again!!

@xfirefly28x: you should check out crossing jordan, because brooke is really amazing in it!! somehow very erica-like in the beginning, I loved her in it. thanks for your comment!!

V. said...

"When you know that you don't actually have anything to do, you tell other people and then suddenly your schedule is full."

That is so true. *rolls eyes.*