Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacations at home

On Friday, I finally went home for 5 days. It’s been way too long, nearly a month since I had been at home last and I really needed this short “vacation”. My mum’s birthday was on Saturday, as well as the birthday of a dear friend of mine, Ms. M. My mum didn’t really celebrate her birthday but in the evening, friends came over to play cards, something they do about once a month. So, nothing special, but it was still nice to be at home for her birthday. We did, however, celebrate my friend’s birthday. A friend and I had organised a surprise for her. First, we watched “Fucking amal” in the theatre and then we visited an exhibition in the catacombs of Linz. The theatre was performed by a group of teenage actors who did a great job and I really enjoyed it, especially because I’d never seen the movie. The exhibition was interesting, the theme was “memories and forgetting”. There were a few pieces about WW2 and a few about Alzheimer and so on. The catacombs were build during WW2, in the end mostly by prisoners from Mauthausen. I had been down there before with my class, so I knew a few things about the history, but the art really worked amazingly well with the catacombs. Inside, it’s about 12 degrees Celsius and a humidity of approx. 80%. In the parts where you can walk around freely the height is about 4 meters, but there are parts where it’s just under 2 meters. You can even walk from one side of the Danube to the other under the water, but only with a guide. We had a lengthy discussion about the fact that when Linz was bombarded in WW2 (mainly the factories), the inhabitants actually lived down there for days in a row and that we can’t imagine living like that. Luckily, we don’t have to fear being bombarded by anyone or having to flee our country or living in a war zone.

The other days, I mainly did absolutely nothing. I spent most time in front of my computer, either reading fanfics or watching videos on youtube. I felt like I really needed that time off because I needed to recharge my batteries. Tomorrow, I’ll – finally!! – have the last class at university this term. We have to present our project and talk for 10 minutes, which will be interesting. I have prepared everything and met with my colleagues today to finish the presentation and I really hope that everything will be satisfactory to our teacher.

I’ve been wanting to write about this movie, but I always forgot: Two weeks ago, I watched “Heartbreak Hotel” with a friend at our local cinema. We had a blast, the movie was so funny at times and so sad at others and just great!! I felt like this was the realistic version of “Sex and the city”. There are two main characters in this movie who meet and start to spend time together. Both are in their 40s and single and just struggle with life sometimes. So, if you want to laugh and maybe even cry for two hours, this is a great way to spend an evening with friends!

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