Friday, June 27, 2008

My weekend crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this special Pride weekend is: Cyndi Lauper. I admire Cyndi for her work for our community and I like her music, even the new song "Into the Nightlife" (I don't usually listen to this "techno/dance" music).

I have to admit that I never really paid much attention to Rachael Ray's show, mainly because it's not on here and I already spend way too much time on youtube. But then I saw this little, cute interview starring my favourite lady Sara Ramirez and it made me heart Rachael Ray a lot. Talk about Straight Gals acting like Gay Gals!

Rachael's parents own several restaurants and her mother was a restaurant manager. Rachael started out working at Macie's where she managed the fresh foods department and, later on, as a buyer for a gourmet market. She started creating "30 minute meals" which she taught at courses. A local tv-station asked her to host a segment each week featuring these 30 minute meals. Eventually, Rachael got a spot on the Today show and a contract with the Food Network. In 2006, her own talk show called "Rachael Ray" started airing. She has written 12 cookbooks so far and has won a round of Iron Chef America. Her first word as a baby was "Vino" which she picked up from her grandfather. How cute is that? Also, Rachael Ray won a Daytime Emmy for her talk show last Friday. I just love her cute smile and she seems very natural on her show.

Picture @ Rachael Ray Show

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