Friday, June 20, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Lauren Bacall. I have to admit that I'm not really familiar with the "Old-Hollywood" stars, but her picture looks pretty amazing.

The TV-summer has begun and with that, The Closer is finally back on my TV-screen! I really love The Closer due to a few reasons: the writing is extremely smart, the acting is good and Kyra Sedgwick. Kyra Sedgwick plays the smart, socially awkward and strong Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. Brenda came to L.A. to work for her former lover and finds herself in a department where she is clearly not welcome. But her great work and unforgivingness soon make the smart people in the force realise what a great deputy she is. The reason why the show is called "The Closer" is because that's what Brenda does, she closes her cases. Her interrogation techniques are amazing, she always seems to make people just die to tell her why they killed someone. Kyra Sedgwick portrays Brenda with the right amount of strength and vulnerability and her chemistry with some of the other actors is amazing. The interactions between Kyra as Brenda and Jon Tenney as Agent Fritz Howard are believable and show how unsure Brenda is in social situations and yet, Fritz just simply can't NOT love her. That's also something I love about The Closer, Brenda is not perfect and still, her boyfriend accepts and loves her as she is.

Kyra Sedgwick is married to actor and director Kevin Bacon and they have two teenaged kids, Travis and Sosie. The team of "Inside the Actors Studio" was able to trace back Kyra's heritage to 1585 (You should really check out the video, her family history is amazing!). Kyra comes from an old New York family and is related to Edie Sedgwick (second cousin), muse of Andy Warhol. Kyra started acting as a teenager in the play "A fiddler on the roof" at school. The rest is, as they say, history. Both Kyra and Kevin will receive their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. Having won one Golden Globe and two nominations for The Closer shows that I'm not the only one who thinks Kyra is an amazing actress!

Kyra has played in lesbian-themed movies twice. The first one was "Losing Chase" which Kevin Bacon directed and Helen Mirren played the main character, Chase. The second one was "What's cooking" in which Kyra and Julianna Margulies play a couple in one of the sequences. I really enjoyed their relationship and their chemistry and just loved the sequence. Kyra does not shy away from difficult roles or movies (Loverboy) and she likes kissing girls!

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V. said...

Wow, she looks so hot in that first photo. It's a shame I didn't know her before!

... the fact that she doesn't mind kissing women doesn't hurt either =D

Dutchcloggie said...

You go girl. I LOVE The Closer. The Wife & I are totally addicted. Howver, I am not sure I like Kyra in the 'She's so Hot' sense though. No offence but I am no fan of really thin women. However, I really liked What's Cooking and Losing Chase and The Closer just makes me howl with laughter. But, I think Fritz is a bit of a wet lettuce who really should shout at Brenda a bit more because she is manipulative not only to her supects but also with Fritz and that is a big no-no to me in a relationship!

Nelfy said...

@Dutchcloggie: yeah, I get what you mean about thin women. I'm probably not drawn to her sexually, but I love her because of her talent, etc.

I didn't notice that brenda is manipulative with fritz, but you're probably right. hm, I have no experience with relationships, so that might be why. but you're right, she shouldn't manipulate him, but I think that's something a lot of people do in relationships (however unhealthy that is), I think that might just be realistic.

Dutchcloggie said...

if my wife treated me the way brenda treats fritz, she would be out of my life in no time! she lies to him about doing things and then doesn't do them. She lies to her parents and uses them and gets them to do things she needs them to do for her. She pretended to be home for Christmas out of love for her parents but actually she needed to be in Atlanta to pick up a suspect. her folks cancelled their holiday for her! But then again, it is what makes this such a great show. it is not just about the crimes, it is about how Brenda's character is instrumental in getting the crimes solved.