Thursday, June 12, 2008

We actually did it!!

And by "we", I mean the Austrian soccer team, or, to precise, Ivica Vastic. Tonight, Austria played against Poland. The Austrian Team started off pretty strong, with a few good shots at the goal, but they didn't score. After 30 minutes, Roger Guerreiro took the first chance he got and scored for his team. However, he clearly was in an offside position, which the referee did not see. Then, the Austrians lost their drive and nothing really interesting happened for a while. At least that was my impression, but I don't know a thing about soccer so I could be wrong. In the additional time, a Polish player fouled an Austrian player and as a result, Iciva Vastic scored the penalty kick in the 93rd minute. I watched the game on one of the largest places in Innsbruck and the crowd just went crazy when he scored! Everybody screamed and jumped up and down as if we had actually won the game. But, I had decided to go with the flow - something I normally don't do - so I just enjoyed the vibe. And, as I am in a good mood right now, I'll post a humiliating picture of myself with the Austrian flag painted on my cheeks:

[Edit: Sorry, but no pictures anymore.]

That's what a proud Austrian looks like, who normally is not much of a proud Austrian. (It's not that I don't like Austria, but I know its flaws and I don't really define myself through the country I was born in.)

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