Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swedish fans and dealing with obsessions

Today, Sweden played against Spain and unfortunately for them, they lost 1:2. The Swedish fans had organized a "Swedish March" from the city center to the stadium and there were so many fans it was unbelievable. They marched right by my apartment and I took some great pictures from my window. I had the Swedish and the Spanish flags painted on my cheeks by a very nice lady at a shopping center nearby - I didn't want to decide on a team and as a "host", I thought that was the nice way of showing my support.

I'm starting to overcome my Sara/Callie obsession. It will probably still take some time, and I have actually started writing a fanfiction, but I haven't written more than 3 chapters yet and I'll probably not publish it, because I won't be able to finish it. That's always my problem with stories, I can't seem to finish them properly. I've only written two so far, these were not fanfics but just my imagination, but I always envision a certain point and when I'm there I can't write more. Guess I'll never have a career in writing, but that's ok. I am actually interested in writing about economic topics for a newspaper, but I might do that one day when I'm an expert on this topic. Will probably take me another 30 years, who knows....

The French paper I've been working on is finally starting to come to an end. *YAY* I'm really happy about that! We'll have our presentation on the 3rd of July, every team member has to talk for 10 minutes!! In French!!! I'm already horrified, but I will somehow survive and learn something from the experience. (That's me trying not to freak out). Apart from that, not much is going on right now, I'll have an exam in cost accounting next week, but that shouldn't be a problem. My mum's birthday is on the 28th and I am totally clueless to what I should buy for her. There's not a lot that she wants that you can buy with money, so I'll probably just buy some really good, exquisite chocolate and maybe a book if I can find one that she hasn't read yet.

On AfterEllen, the third episode of Cherry Bomb is online and I actually really liked this episode. They talk about coming out and being out, topics that I think about a lot too. Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet!

Thanks to those of you who have commented, that means the world to me!!

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