Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congratulations, Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres (or, as I like to call her: DeGenerous) won a Daytime Emmy for "Outstanding Talk Show Host" on Friday. She really is having the time of her life right now, being engaged and doing a great show! This is the fourth year in a row that Ellen has won the "Outstanding Talk Show Host" Emmy and she truly deserves it! I can't believe I've never written about Ellen before....

Ellen winning the Emmy!


Lu said...

Hey, Nelfy!

I found your blog at Rouge's blog, and decided to check it out, since I'm always on the look for interesting things to read online.

I'm also an AfterEllen reader—have been, for a couple of years now— and a tad obsessed with lesbians, TV shows, movies, and all that jazz. Like you, I'm not American, and, while there is a rather big GLBT community in my city (Rio de Janeiro), I don't find that many people online, blogging and writing, let alone such a great website as AfterEllen.

I wanted to say that I really did like your blog, and would like to chat with you some more, if, of course, you feel like it and decide I'm not some psychotic stalker.

- Lu

Nelfy said...

hey lu!

hm, seems we have a lot in common! wow, rio de janeiro, that city certainly has way more to offer than Innsbruck! yeah, people here don't use the internet as much either. Thanks for your comment!! you can write me at afterellen (, if you want to :)

it's your first comment, so thats not stalkerish at all yet! I'm happy when someone comments, that's really nice!!

thanks again, Nelfy