Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Success with a bitter aftertaste

Important things first: I had my French exam today and was lucky with the topic! I think I did okish, I stumbled over the verbs because I just can't conjugate them, but apart from that, it was ok. I'm soooo glad that the exam is finally over, I barely slept the last night because I was so nervous.

The event that I had organised finally took place today and it went well. I was secretly hoping and dreaming that a lot of people would show up, but I'm happy with the ~30 people that came. I know that right now, most students have exams and are busy with the end of term craziness, so during the term more people might have showed up. I had bought enough cakes and cookies and chips and drinks for everybody, so that's already really great. It was so hot today, so when I took the groceries from my office to hall where the event took place I nearly died of a heat stroke. When I took the stuff back after the event, it poured like it was the end of the world, so I got soaked to the skin. Two friends helped me at the event with making coffee etc., which I am really grateful for! I actually had some time to talk to the guests, which was really nice. Most of them said that they wouldn't mind a soccer player coming out as gay, but none of them were fans, so that might affect their indifference. We also talked about girls playing football and one guy explained to me that in the US, soccer is a girls sport and that men hardly play soccer.

Earlier today, I was at the office because I had some preparation to do and my "boss" was there too and she seemed pissed because of something and wasn't really nice towards me. I asked whether it would be possible for me to be authorised to sign next year, so that I would be less dependent on her. She barked at me and told me that only the head of the division was authorised to sign. Two things: 1. I didn't know that only the heads of the divisions were authorised to sign. 2. I'm pretty sure that there could be two heads of the division, which would mean that we would have equal rights. So, I organised this event all on my own, without any of her help, despite the fact that just I started working with her in April, and she doesn't even ask me how it's going or whether I need any help. I know that she told me right from the start that she has to work during the EM, but it wouldn't hurt her to at least be supportive. I'm so pissed right now, because I feel like she's marking her territory like a dog, she's just using her signature instead of pissing all over the place. I'm not trying to take over the office from her, I'm so not interested in that because I don't want to get involved with the politics. So I don't get why she's being so aggressive and unsupportive. *END of rant*

Then there's some friendship rumbles that disturb me. This one particular friendship just isn't flowing the way it's supposed to be and I feel like every second thing I say to this friend pisses her off in some way. And sometimes, she's just so uninterested and indifferent towards me that I wonder whether she even likes me or just tolerates me. I'm not going to say more right now, because there's one friend IRL who reads this blog (hi Flo) and I just don't know how he would react if I wrote more and therefore let him know who I'm talking about (@Flo: would you say something?). So I'll just leave it at that.

My mum's birthday is on Saturday and I still haven't bought a present! I think I'll have to do some last-minute shopping when I go home on Friday. I'm off to bed, I wanted to read some Callica fluff to cheer me up, but there's nothing new online :(. But I can think of something to cheer me up: Comments ;-)


V. said...

Hey! :)

Glad to hear your event went well! Are you planning any more events like these in the future, or will you have to stick with what your boss comes up with? I'm sorry she bitched at you like this after all the work you've done :( do you know if she had a bad day? Have you talked to her again yet?
Try not to worry about it too much, though... after all, you organised everything by yourself and it turned out so well!
The comment about your boss marking her territory made me laugh, by the way. XD

Oh, and I agree on the Callica stories. I've read fanfiction for a while but there just doesn't seem to be anything decent out there. Usually it's just between 1000 and 5000 words, and that just isn't enough (for more than your usual hi-let's-have-sex-goodbye-kind of story, anyway).

Nelfy said...

yeah, actually I'll organise the same event next term as well, just with a different topic probably, but I want to find something that has something to do with homosexuality again.

I haven't talked to her again, she didn't even ask me how everything went... so we'll see.

Well, I think there are some really amazing stories out there, but I guess writing takes way longer than reading and I just crave new stories/chapters all the time. have you checked out Grey's Anatomy Fanfictio ( they have some great stories online!