Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City

I just came back from watching "Sex and the City" and I have to say I really enjoyed the movie! While it definitely wasn't the smartest or best movie I've ever seen, I still laughed out loud a couple of times and really got into it. Here's what Dorothy Snarker has to say about the movie, which pretty much reflects my opinion.

What I liked best:
  • The friendship and the natural feel between the four ladies
  • Miranda's storyline and her struggle to forgive her husband
  • The reconciliation sex between Miranda and Steve
  • Charlotte telling Mr. Big "I curse the day you were born"
  • The great acting by Cyntia Nixon
What I didn't like:
  • Jennifer Hudson's character - it was unnecesary and took away attention from the four friends
  • How, minutes after seeing Cynthia Nixon / Miranda on that huge screen "wearing" her co-stars / husbands hands, we got to see Samantha's neighbourg showering naked - I just had to look away, I really did not need to see that!
What the movie showed me:

  • I didn't realise before how much I miss having friends like these. I loved it when the three friends were like mirrors Samantha couldn't look away from and made her realise what she could not see on her own.
  • Being gay is such an integral part of who I am now, that sometimes, I have a really hard time getting invested in straight relationships.

Now that I've gushed long enough about Cynthia Nixon, may I just show you this little picture of her at one of the Sex and the City premieres in London:

picture @

Who said that lesbians aren't beautiful and don't have any fashion sense?


finn said...

the other day at the bus stop some teenie-girls were talking about the movie poster that was posted there and the referred to the movie as "oh, that's the movie from that old tv-show!" And I started feeling really old at 24...

Nelfy said...

ouch. yeah, I guess teenagers have that effect on us who are no longer teenagers. I often get that when some girls talk about music and which bands they love and I just think to myself "tokio hotel does not make music, they just make noise". but I'm actually happy that I'm no longer a teenager, I don't miss all the drama :) now if I would just look my age, I'd be happy

finn said...

Oh I know what you mean!
my younger sister (6 1/2 yrs younger) looks older than me. I'm actually letting my hair grow out to look a bit older...

Nelfy said...

a lot of people mistake me for being 16 or something and I always have to show my id when I want to go to a bar or buy alcohol, its really annoying sometimes. I just hope I'll always look younger, because when I'm older, I'll be happy about it. just not right now!