Monday, June 2, 2008

AfterEllen hot 100, part 2

The 2008 AfterEllen Hot 100 list is online! They posted it really early in the day, I was surprise to already find it online. For this special occasion, I took my laptop to university to be able to check it out right away first thing in the morning. But, lets get to business: The top ten of this year's list are:

  1. Tina Fey
  2. Jennifer Beals
  3. Jill Bennet
  4. Bridget McManus
  5. Leisha Hailey
  6. Ellen Page
  7. Sarah Shahi
  8. Sara Ramirez
  9. Kate Moenning
  10. Lena Headey

I have to say I agree with the general taste of my fellow AE users and lesbians. I don't have Tina Fey on my list, but I understand why someone would vote for her. She's so funny and great and has definitly achieved a lot already.

Out of my ten nominees, 9 actually made the list - YAY! Here are my nominees and their number on the list:
  • Jennifer Beals - No. 2
  • Jill Bennet - No. 3 (Thats so amazing as well!!)
  • Bridget McManus - No. 4
  • Leisha Hailey - No. 5
  • Sara Ramirez - No. 8 (I can't believe it, thats so awesome)
  • Angelina Jolie - No. 11
  • Kate Winslet - No. 15
  • Salma Hayek - No. 44
  • Pink - No. 79
  • Marlee Matlin - the only one not on the list

Thanks to the great AfterEllen staff for doing such a great job to represent us and at the same time let us have a say and give us a platform to express our feelings (and crushes/obsessions)! Keep on rocking my world! That so many vloggers are on the list just proves the power of AfterEllen!!


Dutchcloggie said...

Hi There.
Not sure what I think of the Hot 100 List. I don't even know most of these women! It was fun though to have the guys at work look over my shoulder to find out what 'us lesbians' find attractive. We have good taste apparently.

Nelfy said...

are you on afterellen regularly? I knew almost all of the women on the list, I don't completely agree with every single one of them being hot, but I think it's just so great to have that kind of "census" or survey taken with so many voters involved and I think that often, AfterEllen really speaks "for" lesbians sortof, because we don't have that many media representing us.

I went through the list at university and two friends took a short look as well and they didn't agree with the top 5, but I guess that's also because they didn't know any of the top 5. they are straight, so maybe that also influences the taste..