Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is it september yet?

The first wallpaper I made of those two

Ok, I admit it: I'm hooked, addicted, obsessed even with Callica. Admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? Right? My problem right now is that there is no new material out there - except for these horrible, stupid spoilers which I really don't want to read. So, as the crazy fan that I am, I read fanfiction. I have so far refrained from googling for further fanfiction, as I try to deal with my addiction. It's not easy when ALL you can think about is this beautiful, gorgeous, hot Callie Torres kissing Erica Hahn. So, here's the thing what gets me the most: In the beginning, I felt sorry for Callie, because the other girls treated her like sh*t and George hardly ever stood up for her. But then, when George cheated on Callie, she became more interesting to me, because she confronted Izzie and while she was vulnerable and hurt, she also was in power and didn't take sh*t from them. When Erica became a regular character, I immediately started liking her, just because she called Derek and Sloan "Pretty and Prettier" and thought they were a couple. How great was that scene?? And then, she was not at all impressed by Sloan trying to get into her pants. Plus, she even invited herself to the "gentleman's evening" because she thought it was sexist that the chief had not invited her. So, I just already adore these two characters on their own. IRL, I would look up to them and be drawn to their strength. But now, Shonda Rhimes has thrown me this bait and I just can't stop thinking about them. I guess my wallpaper doesn't help either, but still. At least I have not made that much fanart about them, I haven't made any with the season finale pictures yet. So, how do I keep from starting to write own fanfiction about those two? I'm not a good writer and besides, I have tons of stuff to do and exams are coming up, so right now, I don't have time for my addiction. But then again, it's McCaliente and McSassy *sigh*

Current wallpaper


helene said...

good to know that i'm not the only one who's so obsessed with callica ;-)

Nelfy said...

wow, there's actually someone out there feeling the same way! we should get together our own support group!

*clears throat* Hello, my name is Nelfy and I am addicted to Callica.

;-) how do you deal with it?? do you also read tons of fanfiction or do you just dream of them?

helene said...

yeah, that's a great idea :)

i'm not reading fanfiction (yet)... but i watch the 2 kisses about 10 times a day, searching the web for stuff about callica or sara or brooke (instead of writing my diploma thesis), i'm rewatching the seasons of grey's anatomy and the 3rd one of weeds, drawing pictures and creating weird images with photoshop out of screenshots from the last episodes...
so i guess i really do need that support group too ;-)