Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nelfy, writer and publisher of fanfiction

Yesterday, I mustered up all my courage and finally posted the first three chapters of my Callica fanfiction "Doctors don't make promises, do they?" on my livejournal page (and on Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction, on and the Callica board, because I'm thorough like that.). I already have 5 comments *doeshappydance* on my LJ page, saying that I should write more, which I will do today. It took me forever to find a title and I'm still uncertain whether I actually like it, but I'm going to stick to the promises-theme for a while if I can so the title at least makes some sense.

Today, my parents are finally coming home from their holiday and I'm already looking forward to that! Right now, the weather pretty much sucks a lot, it's raining and I haven't seen the sun in two days. It's really cold as well, one 15° Celsius, which cnn tells me are 61° Fahrenheit. Which is way to cold for summer!!

My godmother, whom I love and with whom I have a great relationship, is getting a divorce. Actually, her husband of nearly 40 years decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his days "in tranquillity" and that he couldn't do that with her, because she always wants to do things and visit places and just enjoy her life with her friends and family. The whole situation is really sad, because she did not want to get a divorce but he more or less forced her to move out of their house. She now lives in a flat while he lives in one of those assisted living apartments. I don't really know how to help her and I feel like all I can do is spend time with her. But that doesn't seem enough. It just makes me so sad because I feel like I can't really make her feel better.

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