Monday, July 21, 2008

Samba, fire shows and Brooke Smith - what more do I need?

Walking acts

This weekend, I was at the Pflasterspektakel twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday. I and a friend danced in the samba parade both days, which was so much fun and then we saw the fire shows that take place at night at the main square. On Saturday, the artists had a big finale, in which most of the fire artists participated and it was amazing! They did some things that I hadn't seen before and it blew my mind!


Today, I finally went to watch Nim's Island and it was ok, I enjoyed it but I sort of expected more - I guess because I'm not used to Jodie Foster being in such a movie and such a role. I loved Abigail Breslin, she was great as usual and I like Jodie Foster as well, she was funny. I guess this was one of the movies that just really is a kid movie and works best for kids.

Brooke Smith was at the ABC All-Star TCA press tour party and did two interviews with slight spoilers for Season 5's Callica storyline. The first one is with EW's Ausiello and is very cute and actually interesting. Michael Ausiello is the guy who first predicted that Erica Hahn would turn out to be gay and he apparently knows a lot about the business. Brooke's very cute in the interview (love her hair!!) and she once again gushes about Sara Ramirez (who could blame her?). The second one is great too - and Brooke knows that we are out there!! We being Callica fans. I'm not crazy about the fact that we miss 2 weeks, but they seem to know how to deal with the relationship, so *YAY*!


V. said...

I like the Pflasterspektakel costumes, especially the giant butterfly. ^.^
And how can you not swoon over Brooke Smith? Seriously, she is so lovely. I am beginning to envy Sara Ramirez.. oh well. Actually, when I think about it, I'm not sure whom I envy more. ;D

Nelfy said...

the butterflies were new this year, I didn't know them, they were pretty awesome! they were leaning against a street lamp that had flowers around the middle and it looked really amazing, sadly, the picture didn't turn out good.

I haven't figured out who I envy more either, but I think I'll have to go with brooke, just because sara is SO hot!