Thursday, July 17, 2008

Restless in Linz...

... not sleepless in Seattle. I came home today, but it felt kinda weird because my parent's aren't home. I'm used to being at home alone while they are on vacation, but this is the first time that my summer starts without them. I'm used to the summer starting together (my parents are teachers).

Yesterday, I went to the cinema and watched "Kung Fu Panda" with a friend of mine, Ms. G. The movie was great, I laughed a lot and I like the plot and the philosophical meaning. I still can't get over how different Angelina's voice sounded. I guess it's true that the voice animation work (don't know the term, sorry) is like acting, you can't just be yourself. After the movie we went to a cafe and had a really long, really interesting conversation about all the world and his wive. All in all, an enjoyable and very nice evening. Ms. G. is going to go abroad to study for one year, so that makes me kinda sad, but we'll keep in touch through the internet and I'm really happy for her because she was able to go to the university that was her first choice - because she's a really good student! And in case you're reading this, Ms. G. - have a great time in Denmark!!

You should all very definitely hop over to Dorothy Snarker and read her post on Helen Mirren. Warning: will cause drooling and a short circus in your brain!!! Dame Hellen Mirren looks better in a bikini than a lot of people that I know, and I'm talking about people in their 20s. She definitely looks 100 times better than me in a bikini, which is why I don't wear bikini's. Anyways, go there, but at your own risk! And don't blame me if you can't stop drooling afterwards!!

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