Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The dark knight

I just came home from watching "The Dark Knight" and I'm not really sure what to make of it. It's not one of those movies where you can go "Wow, I really liked that" directly after having seen it, because it's not fun. It's not exactly a fun movie to watch. I couldn't look at Aaron Eckhart's/Harvey Dent's half-blown away face, that was really bad. And I didn't recognise Gary Oldman aka Sirius. I saw his name as the credits rolled and I thought 'Wait, Gary Oldman, the guy from Harry Potter was in this movie? Really?'. What a hair-cut and glasses and a different beard can do. Well, I'll make up my mind eventually, but I feel like I've read too much about the movie to really form an opinion right now. Even though I've avoided most of the stuff that has been in the papers lately.

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noora said...

yes, Harvey Dent's story was a sad one. actually, everybody's story was sad. even batman, thinking that rachel is waiting for him instead.
gary oldman! he as in the 5th element as well, looking very much different too.
overall, i do think that heath ledge did justice to the joker's role. he really do look sinister and creey.
the movie is dark and gloomy. but id say its interesting bcos its something very much diff. from the normal superhero movies you watch. somehow, it makes them human.
though i must say, why must that make batman's voice so raspy?