Monday, August 18, 2008

A weekend well spent

I had a long weekend as Friday was a catholic holiday and I really enjoyed it!! It was raining buckets on Friday and Saturday, so I spent the days camped out in from of our new, huge TV-screen.

On Saturday, I met a dear friend, Ms. A., to watch 'The Mummy' at the movies. It was okay, funny at times and I loved Maria Bello - even though I prefer her as a 'darker/sexier' character (think 'A History of Violence'). After the film we went back to my place and watched the end of 'Garfield' (not good, strange animation), '50 First Dates' (cute!), parts of a Madonna concert from her 'Confessions tour' (amazing!!). There was one interlude in which voices talked about child abuse, self injury and gang wars and her dancers did an interpretive dance - that part was so powerful it took my breath away!

On Sunday, I camped out on the couch again, watching reality TV and parts of 'I'm going to tell you a secret', which was really interesting. I always thought that Madonna must be pretty smart, just because she's so versatile and she said some really interesting, smart things in the documentary. It made me like her even more. I never realized how political her shows are, pretty impressive!

Today, work was actually really good, I had a lot to do and I did most of the work on my own and the time passed pretty quickly! The length of a day can feel so different when you have things to do. I feel really accomplished! I also already started planning which courses I will take next term, more about that maybe some other time.

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