Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three down, sixteen to go

On Monday, I started working in the media department of the local chamber of commerce, and somehow, the word 'boring' doesn't even begin to describe the job. It's not that the work they let me do is that boring, they simply don't have that much work for me. With the assignments they give me I can fill about 4 of the 8 hours I'm working each day - and that's me working as slowly as humanly possible. Yesterday and today, all three secretaries were at the office, which meant that I didn't have a computer to use. Luckily, one of the secretaries went on leave today, so starting tomorrow, I'll at least have a computer to pass the time. I don't feel comfortable surfing the web the way I do at home, because it still is work and who knows what kind of supervision they have in place. The website of the main Austrian TV-station is blocked, I couldn't access it today, so they obviously try to monitor their staff. I figured, it's only sixteen more days, I earn some money and I have some time to finally write all those emails that I've been wanting to write in ages. Today, I already cleaned out my inbox, which was long overdue, so I'm going to use the free time being semi-productive.

Apart from work, not much is going on. I'm writing a naughty chapter for my fanfic and having trouble with the flow of the events, but I'll probably figure out a way to make the story progress naturally. On the plus side, I've already got loads of ideas for new chapters, so I'm looking forward to writing those.

I'm off to bed, work starts at 7.30 am!! I'm not used to getting up this early, however, I only work till 4.30 pm and only till 1.30 pm on Fridays, so I'll have a "longer" weekend. *Yay*

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