Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pure randomness

I recently saw a new picture of Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey on the set of Grey's and then fired up google to see if I could find a picture of Brooke or Sara, but didn't. So imagine my glee when I visit to Grey's Anatomy Insider and find this:

*YAY*. For two reasons: 1) Those glasses - how cool can one person be? 2) Her hair - I admit it could be curlier, but it still is pretty curly and looks different than last season, so I'm excited already!! I hope that that picture was taken after hair and makeup, because I need to see some curly hair going on with Erica!! I really need to visit GA Insider more often, I am usually pretty up-t- date with all the good fansites and links, but I somehow hadn't gotten into that one yet. But now I'm not going to let this site slip from my sight again!

Added new blog to the blogroll, well, actually a LJ journal. This girl has some really funny and interesting comments about Grey's Anatomy and Callica and she can write some mean fanfic (Callie/Izzie one-shot).

I'm feeling sort of random right now. At lunch today my mum told me she's worried about me because she thinks I live in two parallel universes. Duh! I tried to explain to her that that is not a bad thing and that being online so much basically keeps me sane. Or as sane as I am. Because if I didn't read and write Callica fanfiction and if I didn't watch old Grey's Anatomy episodes to rave about Callie's scenes I might as well have myself admitted.

I feel a bit bad for Liz. In the last "This just out", she told Raimy that she thinks more girls are into Raimy than into her. I kind of think that she might be right, I have a huge crush on Raimy as well. But for Liz it must be a bit weird because it's her show and she does most of the work. She did mention it for a reason - mainly to make Raimy feel better about the way she looks (as in not being thin), but I wonder how she really feels about that.

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