Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grey's spoilers really start rolling in!

I think I might have mentioned it before, I generally try to stay clear of spoilers, due to numerous reasons. Mainly, you never know how reliable a spoiler is and it's just way more fun to be surprised. But with the way the Erica/Callie relationship ended last season, it has been very hard for me to resist. I worry about what will happen with them and I just want to be sure that there will be a Callica-relationship.

So, spoiler warning! Another cute Brooke video surfaced, again from the press tour that the other videos I've already seen were from. I wonder why they held it back!?!

I think it's kinda cute that they are avoiding each other. Did you notice the smile when she said "Sandra" - they played lovers *hehe*.

At the 'Television without pity forum', someone uploaded a TV Guide article (huge thanks!). It seems that McSteamy is in the picture to play Cupid, not to get involved with either of them, which is a huge relieve to me! And look at that picture of Erica and Mark.

It looks like Erica will actually wear curls in the new season!! I know that I'm obsession about her hair, but I just love her curls, I can't help it. Secret turn-on for me (okay, maybe not so secret).

(BTW, sorry for the 'double post', but I didn't want to mix the two topics.)

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