Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eleven down, seven to go

Yesterday and today, work was actually good. I had a workload that filled my day and time flew yesterday, amazing how our perception of time can differ depending on how we spend it!

If you haven't seen the latest "This just out" episode, go watch it now! And I mean right now!! Clementine Ford might just be the best.guest.ever. I had no idea how hilarious she was. Liz and Clementine played 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' which lead to the now already infamous dialog:

Liz: "Thanks for showing me your boobs."

Clementine: "Thanks for letting me touch your

So hilarious! And Liz' reaction was hilarious as well, she couldn't keep herself from laughing so hard. I wonder whether she wrote that joke or whether Clementine improvised it.

Today, it was insanely hot and as soon as I got home, I changed into my tankini (I even went into the pool for 5 seconds!). While I watered the flowers in our driveway, our neighbor came over to chat and we talked about the weather for what felt like an eternity! The thing is he couldn't stop from staring at my breasts the whole time! I have to admit that my tankini shows off quite a bit of my cleavage, but for heaven's sake, age wise he could be my grandfather! His daughter is probably 15 years older than I am and he knew me since I was born, so you would think that he could keep his eyes off of my breasts. But no, during the whole conversation his eyes traveled down to my breasts repeatedly while I looked into his eyes! I was so creped out, I wanted to get a towel and cover myself. I don't care what other women say, men staring at my boobs, especially older men staring at my boobs, does not feel like a compliment! I don't know whether this has anything to do with me being gay but I hate it when men stare so openly. Luckily, it doesn't happen that often, because I don't show much cleavage often, but they could at least try to not stare and look secretly. I know that their peripheral vision is worse than women's, but still. I check out other ladies too sometimes, but I don't just stare at their breasts, I take in the whole person. Start at the face and maybe let my eyes wander a bit, but I would never stare like that. Don't they get that it is creepy as hell?

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V. said...

Word. What is it with the cleavage-staring? I don't do it either. And I think I don't even know any straight woman that goes around staring at male genitalia. It's icky. =/

Also, I adored Clementine Ford from the moment I laid eyes on her. Which was probably when she appeared in the fifth season of the L Word. She is so cute and funny. ^.^