Friday, August 8, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Penelope Cruz. Hmmh, yummy.

The first real pop/rock concert that I went to was one of Pink's "Try this" concerts in Vienna in 2004. My parents had originally planned on us going on vacation that weekend, but I so badly wanted to go to the concert that after three days of me ignoring them COMPLETELY, they finally agree to postpone the holiday. Believe me, it was worth it! I've been a Pink fan since her second album made her famous in Europe and seeing her perform live is even better than her CD's. I've been to two concerts of her concerts in Vienna and even though I can't compare it to anything else because hers are the only concerts I've been to, I can say that she's an amazing singer and performer. She might not have the best light effects or the most elaborate show, but her voice is really great and her costumes make up for the special effects that she doesn't use. Pink trains her body to get ready for her tours and believe me, it's worth it. Anyone who's ever stood in the second row at one of her concerts and saw her perform in what I would describe as underwear knows what I'm talking about. Pink is hot!

Pink has been in the news lately due to her divorce and her rumoured new girlfriend/boyfriend (depending on the gossip magazine). The singer has been fairly open in the past, saying that she is bisexual and has had relationships with men and women. Honestly, her playing for my team doesn't hurt either. I sure love a woman who speaks her mind and is smart and strong, as well as funny!! It seems that I'm not the only gay lady who loves Pink for the kind of girls she represents, her concerts in Vienna were like huge lesbian gatherings. Talk about girl power! Her songs also really convey her great attitude, that it's better to be who you are than to try and fit in.

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