Thursday, August 7, 2008

Humiliation, thy name is Nelfy

Me, Nelfy, has written about sex. Not just about sex, I've written about two people having sex. Not just written, but DESCRIBED, in detail, the sex. Me! Inexperienced me! Yeah, I'm laughing too. More at the situation at whole than at me. Or maybe I'm laughing at myself not because I wrote about sex, but that I'm humiliated by writing about sex. Actually, I'm not humiliated about writing about sex that much, I'm humiliated about someone else reading what I wrote about sex.

In the last few days, I've been writing the chapter in my fic in which Callie and Erica finally get intimate and writing this has been more difficult than I thought. The language part and the lack of experience part both played roles in why I couldn't write it, but mainly it sounded kind of awkward. Not the story itself, but the writing. Today, finally posted it and I really hope that my readers approve. I wrote 5 and 1/2 pages with little content, just them getting it on. As humiliating this is, it also feels kinda good. Seeing that we might not be getting any of this IRL - or rather ORT (on real television).

Today, I finally got the grade from my Strategy & Marketing exam and I failed! I don't know how that happened, I answered all questions and with most of them I was sure that I got it right! This sucks so much, they offer ONE day on which you can take a look at your exam and why you got the grade that you got and it's in three weeks, which means that I have to take a day off from work to go to Innsbruck just because of this damn exam. They give out dates in the holidays, what kind of crap is that? In Innsbruck, I would guess more than 50 % of the students don't actually live in Innsbruck, probably at least 1/3 lives abroad. So basically they completely ignore the fact that for a lot of students it's not just a thirty minute drive to university, it's a day trip to get there and back home. I really don't like the university in Innsbruck right now ... *goesofftofume*.


V. said...

I just read the last few chapters of your fanfiction and realised that they're all (or almost?) named after Melissa Etheridge songs! Was it intentional, or did it just sort of happen as you wrote? I'm curious to know =) I really like her music a lot, as you can probably tell! =D

Anyway, don't be humiliated. I thought it was well written, and not just the sex scene, but also they way you described their relationships with other characters, the family references etc. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters.

And I know what you're talking about, considering the exam results.. I failed two exams last semester and I really hope I'll pass all of them this time. Don't be too sad, though... you might still snatch a few points here and there. There are several people I know who were really close to passing their exams and went there to look at them, and almost all of them passed that way. =) And at my university there's also only one day on which you can take a look at your exam too. It's annoying.

Nelfy said...

That was intentional. The grey's anatomy episodes are named after songs in general, so I wanted to stick to that tradition, but because I love Melissa so much, I am right now only using her songs. Glad you noticed :D

I hope that there is a way for me to pass that exam, even though I have to admit that I thought I'd at least have a B/2. I have a bad suspicion that the professor who marked my exam had a problem with my english - she is the only professor who taught her classes in german instead of in english. well, we'll see...

v. said...

That's great. =D I adore Melissa as well, I have two songbooks and several albums by her! I might get a guitar for Christmas, so I'll be able to play the guitar parts/riffs too, as I've only played her songs on my keyboard as of yet.

On a side note, I've read the next two chapters of your fanfiction and even though I don't wish Callie and Erica any drama (at least not on TV; we could use a happy, healthy lesbian relationship there, not to mention one played by gorgeous actresses *cough cough*), I do like where your story is going. I hope you still have plenty of ideas!

And good luck with checking on your exam! Who knows, maybe you can convince your professor. ^.~