Monday, October 20, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Monday

In case you haven't noticed it, up to now Callie was my favorite character. But in the latest episode, "Brave New World", Erica started to seriously threaten Callie's place at the top of that list. We'll see how this development will evolve with the next episodes.

What I liked:
  • Erica being so into Callie and showing it so openly, even though she probably wasn't even aware of it.
  • Bailey was hilarious in this episode - her travel/food metaphors cracked me up!
  • The little kid was cute and I liked that George stood up for what he thought was the right thing to do.
  • Erica threatening Meredith over lying, with that cold and completely serious voice.
  • The music - Grey's generally has good music, but I noticed some really good songs in this episode.
  • I also noticed the wardrobe, I loved both the casual outfits Callie and Erica wore while moving and I absolutely loved their date outfits. Callie looked amazing in the dress, but I have to say Erica blew me away with that neckline and the necklace. So beautiful, both of them!
  • Callie taking Erica's water without asking - this small action shows how comfortable those two can be around each other.

What I didn't like:

  • Meredith lying about her experience - there's a little boy's life on the line, for Christ's sake!
  • Izzie taking Alex's abuse. I just hated their exchange at the bar - there is simply no excuse for treating Izzie that way and she shouldn't take it.
  • I so don't care about MerDer and I don't care about Ellis or her diary. Sorry, I just don't.
  • The whole Lexie/George relationship. One, as soon as passes his test he runs off to tell Izzie? Really? Two, we've seen these kind of crushes on TV so often before and it's just old and uninspired.

What I want to see in the next episode:

  • Callie being calm and collected. Honestly, after four episodes, I'm over her freaking out. I get that she's nervous, but it is starting to get old.
  • First or second bases. Or just any kind of body contact between my two favorite ladies. A hug, a kiss goodnight, some cuddling, just something. With all the talk about sex you'd think they give us at least a goodnight kiss or some handholding over the table at the date.

Favorite Quote:

"You lie to me again about your experience and the next heart you see will be your own as I cut it out of your chest with a steak knife."

New! - Favorite Moment:

(Actually, I have two favorite moments, because it is just too difficult to choose one.) First, just the short moment when Erica touched Callie's back in her new apartment. Second, Erica watching Callie get on the elevator - *swoon*!!

(Great screenshots from DBZMerciter2005 over at the amazing LJ Erica & Callie community.)

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