Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I heart the internets (and sometimes I don't)

I keep reading stuff like "Gosh darn it" and "You betcha" all over the internet. Clearly, people are mocking Sarah Palin and I have to admit it amuses me. I know that politicians need to appeal to the "Joe Sixpacks" and "Average Hockeymoms" to get elected, but I don't actually want an actual "Average Hockeymom" in office. I want someone who's smart and knowledgeable and eloquent for such an important job. I've been missing that in Austrian politics and I don't think Sarah Palin is cute when she talks that way. I'm not saying that she's not smart or eloquent, she just doesn't present herself that way. Hm, maybe I'll post more about her when I'm less tired some other day.

On a different subject - I really don't like it when people make up rumors about actors who play a LGBT character. Yes, Sara and Brooke have loads of chemistry as Callica, they are both beautiful woman and I can imagine a lot of use dream of woman like them. BUT, they are not a couple IRL and making up those rumors isn't helping us as a community. When a great actress like Brooke Smith is so open about playing a questioning character and then we fans make up rumors about how she is questioning her own sexuality and is in love with Sara, I can imagine that she's not exactly happy about that. Brooke is happily married and has two kids, she values her privacy and the fact that she's willing to portray such a character should be reason enough for us to just leave her private life alone. Why is that so hard? Is that our thanks, saying that she's not happy in her marriage? She's an ACTRESS, which means that she plays a ROLE. I could get so angry over this!! It's one thing to say that you dream about someone and wished they were gay, but to say that this is supposed to be true when it is very clear that it isn't is just ridiculous!!

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