Monday, October 27, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Monday

First of all, I want to say a HUGE *Thank you* to Sara Ramirez for her boldness to appear on national Prime time TV a) in red boyshorts (even though we 'only' saw her back), b) dancing her underwear, and c) taking her shirt off! Sara's figure doesn't fit into Hollywood's ridiculous 'beauty' standard and I have to say - I approve! Damn, that woman is hot!

This is my 100th blog post - hard to believe, I know - and it perfectly connects to my first blog post. Grey's Anatomy was one inspiration for this blog and up until last week's episode, I was thoroughly convinced that the writer's wouldn't completely eff up my beloved couple - some drama, sure. But last week's episode, "There's No 'I' in Team"? Whole different story.

What I liked:

  • The first Callica scene. Callie and Erica were so cute talking about how taking it slow was the 'Best. Idea. Ever.' and that there was no reason to rush things and the next moment they are all over each other.
  • Cristina is so mean, but I just think she's hilarious. How she treats her interns is so wrong on so many levels, but it still cracks me up. (Does that make me a bad person?). I also like that she seems to find closure with the whole Burke thing.
  • I liked Mark in the first part of the episode. He was funny, saying stuff like 'Two girls getting nasty and loving it? That's hot. One girl taking about how much it sucked? Depressing. And wrong. Just wrong.'
  • I loved that Lexie told George that he's a jerk. I really hope that that's the last we'll see of their relationship.
  • Brooke Smith completely blew my mind in this episode. I just loved perky and happy Erica and then how the shock and hurt settled on her face when she realized that Callie didn't have a good time. I really fell even harder for Erica, also because she's been showing us this side of her that we haven't seen much yet.
  • Callie being bossy and telling Erica to 'take your pants off'. And then she took her shirt off. *Swoon*

What I didn't like:

  • Callie didn't even tell Erica what was wrong, she made her guess and then she just let her walk away. That is so wrong and such a heartless thing to do. Clearly, Callie was uncomfortable with the situation, but she gave Erica the impression that what Erica did was bad for her. If I'm interpreting the situation correctly, that's not even the case. That was really low, you'd think that Callie had learned from the past and would 'use her words', like she asked George to.
  • Callie slept with Mark and no matter what they exactly did, that's cheating in my book. I was really on the fence about this all weekend long, but I think Callie cheated on Erica. She did the wrong thing for the right reasons, which still doesn't make it right. Had she tried talking to Erica or just tried having sex again, I am sure she would have figured it out on her own. But to ask Mark to 'show her'? Given her history with George, I can't believe that Callie wouldn't think that what she did was cheating.
  • The make-up sex happened in an on-call room, which I really hated. Erica isn't the person to have sex at the hospital and besides, it's their second time, how romantic is that? I guess they don't have a set for Erica's place, which I get, but it is a bit disappointing because I would love to see what Erica's place would look like.
  • With all the talk about his new leaf, Mark was ready to 'show Callie' pretty fast. That was disappointing as well. As her friend, he should have known better, IMHO.
  • Erica clearly is into Callie far more than Callie is into Erica and I just don't understand how Callie doesn't see that.

What I want to see in the next episode:

  • Some honesty coming from Callie.
  • Cristina and Owen!
  • Lexiepedia not being in love with George.
Favorite Quote:
"If it were me, I'd start with 'thank you', you'd be surprised how far that one goes, especially with us silly emotional women."

Favorite Moment:
I was going to go with the last Callica scene, but I changed my mind. My favorite moment was Callie and Erica getting back from their date, talking about pressure and rushing things and then falling onto the couch in a tangle of limbs.


Syd said...

oooh, great analysis of Grey's.

I thought the same thing about Sara's willingness to show some skin. Very brave. And very HOT.

Nelfy said...

wow, thank you!

Yeah, she's hot. there's simply no other way to put it!