Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zurich pictures

Zurich waterfront

They have those cute balcony-thingies, no idea what they are called.

a park I discovered in the middle of the old-town

STARBUCKS! My financial ruin - if they had one here

a beautiful old building that houses a school


Sarah said...

Those "balcony-thingies" are called "Erker". ;-)

Nice to meet you in Zurich! Hope you got your very own copy of the Ellen and Portia People magazine...

Nelfy said...

Duh! I'm *so* smart!! thanks for letting me know, if I had actually thought about it the word might have come to my mind. oh, well...

It was nice to meet you too! wow, you remember that! I still haven't been able to buy it, it's really hard to get it here in Innsbruck :( I might have to order it through ebay, but that's way more expensive.