Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spoilerfree and patriotic

I'm staying away from all Grey's Anatomy spoilers right now. I want to see how it affects my viewing pleasure when I haven't seen any spoilers beforehand. When there are only 3 Callica scenes and I've already seen the longest one in a sneak peak, the episodes get even less interesting, Callica-wise seen. So, I'm doing my best to kill my curiosity and stay away from all sneak peeks.

I would say that I'm not a patriotic person, I'm not proud of my country. I see its flaws and problems and my dream is to get out of here soon. I feel like the traditions, the people and their narrow-mindedness is suffocating me. But, sometimes I hear/read/see something about Austria in the international media and I have to smile.

If there's one thing we Austrian's are good at it is skiing! Skiing in Austria seems to be pretty amazing as well, we do have beautiful mountains and tourists from all over Europe and even Asia - I'm looking at you, Russia - spend their winter vacations in Austria every year. So, go Austria!

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