Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

Bri from Constant Thoughts tagged me with a meme! I know Bri from the great Callica-fanboard that I'm addicted to and once we've both made it big in Hollywood, we'll make our own movie together. I'll be the producer and take care of the business side and she'll do all the artistic work.

Okay, so that's the meme:

Where Would Your 8 Homes Be?
List them. You don’t have to list your reasons, but if you do at least for a few of them, it would be more fun. And remember that the only rule is: the homes must be within the borders of the United States of America or else, within the borders of the country you live in, so as to utterly emulate the McCains. When you’re done, tag 8 people, so that they may join in the self-indulgence, forgetting about the crappy property market and the equivalent of The End of Pompeii on Wall-Street. You could spend your time hammering your doors and windows shut in preparation for the apocalypse instead, but it would be much less fun.

Okay, so I know this thing says I'm supposed to choose places within Austria, but I want to get out of here, so choosing 8 places here is pretty much impossible. Besides, have you looked at a map recently? Austria is tiny, tiny, so I'd have houses that would be within a hundred kilometers of each other.

My 8 places within the borders of the United States of America would be:

1) Los Angeles ~ Hollywood, here I come! I guess Los Angeles isn't really a nice city to live in, but it's the place to go to 'work in the industry', so I guess it'll be worth it.

2) I want to be a part of it, New York, New York ~ I have this dream of living in the Big Apple just to see how it would be. I think New York has a very special flair as a city, I'm dying to go and just visit, but living there would be great! I want to live in a penthouse suite overlooking Central Park. (Hey, if I can afford 8 homes I'll be able to afford that as well!)

3) A nice little house in Moab, Utah ~ I've been to Moab every single time I've visited the states and I just love that little town. How amazing is the Arches National Park?

4) One of those really big, old houses in New Orleans ~ There's no question as to why Hollywood likes to use New Orleans as a set - the old town and the old houses must be so beautiful! I've wanted to visit New Orleans ever since I saw 'Double Jeopardy' because I was that impressed with the scenery.

5) Key West ~ Sun, sand and the sea, what more could a girl wish for?

6) Las Vegas ~ I'm a sucker for big cities, what can I say?

7) San Francisco ~ Gay capital of America

8) Martha's Vineyard ~ Richard and Emily bought a mansion there, so it can't be that shady, right?

Since I don't believe in chain letters, I'm not going to tag anyone else. But feel free to tag me again, anytime.


Miss Wings** said...

Hey Chris!

Well, as much as I love talking to you and all your awesome-ness and totally can't wait for us to make it big *hint hint, hehe* the Bri from that site is actually NOT me. Unfortunately. Two reasons why, besides the obvious. One, Bri isn't actually short for Brianna for me like it is for most people (although, funnily enough, I do have a sister named Brianna). Can't honestly believe I never told you that. Oh well. My bad. Reason number two - I actually - up until today, that is - hadn't quite figured out how to do the whole blogging thing - unless you count forums and myspace that is. But I definitely will be tagging you, as soon as I figure out how to, that is, when I get my blog rolling, now that I've gotten that part figured out. LMAO, I am SUCH a blonde.... Oh yeah, and I CAN say that, since it is my natural hair color.... xD

Nelfy said...

hm, wow, how did that happen? weird.

thanks for letting me know!!