Friday, October 3, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose weekend crush this weekend is: Thandie Newton.

I've had a crush on this wonderful lady for a while and now that I've met her that crush just got bigger. I think we all know what's coming now: How crushworthy is Bridget McManus? Very, I can tell you that much. She's hilarious in her stand-up routines and on Brunch with Bridget, but when she talks about serious topics once in a while you pretty much instantly know that she has depth. She's very open about her sexuality and, in my humble opinion, is a role model to questioning teens because she's not afraid to speak her mind and say 'Look, I'm gay, but that's fine. In fact, I very happy as a lesbian and you should be too.' She talks openly about her body issues and weight problems, but she also pens hilarious songs about men she wouldn't even date if she were straight. The way Bridget comes across on her show is also pretty much how I experienced her and I was so blessed to talk to her for a short while and it was amazing. She really listened to what I had to say even though we had just met and honestly, she could have cared less about me. But she was genuinely nice and just as beautiful in person as she is on TV. Now that she's on TV (woohoo!), I'm allowed to say that.

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