Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Could she care any less?

Jeez. I am really ticked off right now. Please tell me if I'm wrong, stubborn or failing to see the bigger picture, because right now all I am is pissed.

After not having answered her questions about how I am twice in our last conversation (Skype chat, not 'real' conversation), I thought I should at least be honest.

Her: How are you?
Me: Short answer? Still alive...
Her: so busy? or so cold?
Me: no, not really busy, I'm not motivated right now anyways. just tired
Her: ok. I'm gonna go to bed now.
Me: do that

And that was that. Before that part of the conversation took place, I had asked her whether she was at home on the weekend so we could meet. She was able to squeeze me in, because she's super-busy as always. I get that. I get that she works part-time, goes to university and has 5 million friends. But does she know that my birthday is coming up? Does she remember that the last time we talked on the phone, I was pretty f*cking beat? Does she notice that she never contacts me, I'm always the one who has to start a conversation, or else we wouldn't even have one? Does she care about me at all?

I would say that she's one of the best friends I have IRL, which probably says a lot about my IRL friends. I wonder what she would say.

I know that she has a lot on her plate and that she's busy and can't be there for me all the time. But this? F*cking unbelievable to me. If it had been the other way around, I would have at least asked whether she wanted to talk about it or whether I could do anything to help. I guess she's one of a kind to me and I'm one of a crowd to her.

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CMF said...

oh, manche menschen sind einfach unsensibel und kapieren nichts. denen muss man eben alles unter die nase reiben. so a la "du mir gehts nicht so gut, weil (wasauchimmer) und ich könnte ein bißchen aufmunterung von dir vertragen..."

(sorry mein englisch funktioniert nach 23h nicht mehr. ähem)