Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My eyes, my eyes!

This is a post about sex. Or rather a post about people writing about sex. I like to give warnings out right in the beginning, just in case you don't want to read this. I'm not actually going to talk about sex because that would be weird, coming from me. But I digress.

I like to know how people find my blog and recently, some of you have found me via Britnidanielle. Now before I offer the link, let me tell you a little story: I saw the link and thought, let's check this out. So I went over to her blog and got a warning that the blog was for adults only and contained adult content. Now I'm used to getting these warnings for things like lesbian kisses *gasp* so I tend to ignore them and just continue. This time though, I understand why this warning was in place.

I wouldn't consider myself to be prude. The most explicit movie I've ever seen was 'Shortbus', so yes, I've never watch a porn movie, even though Shortbus came pretty close and was almost too much for me. I'm not opposed to sex scenes in movies or TV-shows and I enjoy the written word, as in Literotica *hinthint*. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, google it.)

I started reading her blog and she does write pretty explicit things. What I didn't expect were pictures. Which made me want to leave and never come back. Thing is, curiosity killed the cat, right? I will admit to going back and reading some more, even though some of the stuff made *me* blush. What have I learned from this experience? Two things. One, I am certainly not a fan of the penis. Thanks, but no thanks. I am extremely gay, which made me want to wash my eyes with soap after seeing that picture (not a picture of her, obviously!).

Two, while I will probably never post anything as explicit, I find it liberating when other people do. I'm all for owning your sexuality and doing what you are comfortable with and not caring about what other people think. Even if it makes me blush.

On a side not, she thinks that I'm part of Queer Culture, how cool is that??


Britni said...

I'm sorry that I made you blush! But yes, the content warning is there for a reason, as is the mention of NSFW stuff in the blog description! My blog is not for everyone, and I know that which is why I tell people that they should leave if certain topics bother them. But I am always unabashedly myself, whether people like it or not. And I'm proud of it!

But thanks for stopping by and continuing to read anyway! And at least 99% of the pictures I post are of women, right? Haha.

Nelfy said...

No, it's okay, really!! Yeah, you should be proud of it, you write pretty amazing and interesting stuff. it's just not what I come across every day, that's all.