Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

So the day has finally arrived, hard to believe. I'm not going to write anything about the candidates while I hold my breath and wait for the end result but I'm going to write about one woman who, to me, is the big rising star in this election (apart from Obama, of course). In last Friday's news paper, there was an article on Rachel Maddow. The line I loved the most:

"Dabei ist Maddow nicht nur links, sie ist – huch! – auch lesbisch" ~
"Not only is Maddow left-wing, she is also - gasp! - lesbian."
The article talks about her success with her new show, how all the other political shows are hosted by men and mentions Oprah, Ellen and Rosie as the only female talkshow hosts that might have/have had an impact but aren't critical of politics. I think it's a very positive article on her and the fact that it was almost a half a page made me smile as well. They used the following picture of her and that picture is pretty butch - and I'm saying that as a compliment!

Since I love her show, I thought I'd post some more clips that I really loved!

Halloween and the Bailout:

Football and the Battleground states:

Election recap: The best and the worst of the last 22 months

She is so snarky and funny! The only weird thing about this clip is that they used the 'Ode to Joy' aka the Anthem of Europe as the last song for the video.

Go out there! Vote! Let your voice be heard! And watch Rachel Maddow's show!

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