Friday, November 7, 2008

My Weekend Crush

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Dorothy Surrenders, whose Weekend Crush this weekend is: Brooke Smith.

I've heard people complain about Erica Hahn and I've heard enough people say 'Really, you like her? But she's so mean' and I've read that the writers were going to make her 'unlikable', but I was impressed with Erica right away and the more we got to see of her, the more I fell for her. When we first met Dr. Hahn in season 2, she was snarky, determined and willing to fight for her patient. She also showed vulnerability when Alex told her that the heart was going to go to Denny Duquette.

In season 3, Erica was as snarky as I remembered her and she also showed that the patient's welfare is her top priority. Erica was able to control her emotions and her ego to work together with Burke, which is something I haven't seen from other characters on this show.

Then season 4 came around and Brooke came on the show full-time. I was so excited about her because on her first day of work, she stood up to McDreamy and McSteamy and told the Chief off. Erica took work seriously and she was a feminist, something I especially loved about her because most of the other female characters on the show weren't, at least not so openly. Erica even told Sloan to stop hitting on her and wasn't at all impressed by his charm, something no other female had yet done on GA. When Erica and Callie started becoming friends I hoped and prayed that the rumors were true and that it would lead to more, because their chemistry was amazing and they would have been great together.

And great they were. For a few episodes, we were allowed to see Erica fall for Callie hard and their attempt at figuring out their feelings. We got to see their first kiss and their first date and in one episode, we were even allowed to see things from Erica's point of view. Erica went through changes that a lot of people out there go through and came to the realization that she was 'so, so, so gay, extremely gay' and that it was okay for her. She was bold and tried to give Callie confidence but she also allowed Callie to see her vulnerable side. In short, she was human, but she also was adult enough to face her feelings, her fears openly. And she was ready to talk about it, a quality most characters on GA also lack.

The fact that ABC decided to 'let Brooke Smith go' is a great disservice to the quality of GA and shows that creativity and quality doesn't seem to be the first thing on their minds. Which I hope will not only hurt us as the fans, but will also come back to kick them in the ass.

To end this post on a positive note, I will never in my life forget this scene, because it probably is my favorite Callica-moment. Can you spell smitten?

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