Monday, November 10, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Monday

This is my last and I'll keep it short. I don't even have too much to say anymore.

What I liked:
  • Erica stood up for what she believed in, like I'd expect her to. She has determination and class and as much as I hate to see her go, at least she got to stand up to the Chief and get up in his face and tell him off.
  • Bailey. Oh, I will miss her. She's not reason enough to keep me watching, but I will always remember her fondly.
  • Cristina being totally oblivious to the McSteamy charm would have been funny in any other episode.
  • Hunt telling the Chief off was great to watch - Honestly, I don't know how the Chief is still working at the hospital.

What I didn't like:

  • They gave us two Callica-scenes! Two! And those two were spent talking about Izzie. They couldn't have possibly given us less interaction between Callie and Erica if they tried.
  • The fact that the writers sacrificed Callie's character to get rid of Erica fast. Callie would have never just told Erica about Denny like that and she wouldn't have had that argument with her and she wouldn't have just let her walk away.
  • The writers screwed Erica's character over in the last scene by making her say things that she would have never said hadn't they tried to get rid of her asap.
  • Hunt apologized to the Chief and I thought - WTF? I'm not going to miss this show.
  • There are so many other things that I didn't like about the episode that I will not list because it would be a waste of my time.

What I would have wanted to see:

  • Callie following Erica and not just letting her walk away.
  • Erica slapping the Chief - because he deserved it.

Worst Line:
A tie:
"Look, I don't know what happened between Denny Duquette and Izzie Stevens that night, but unless you were in the middle of that situation, I don't see how you can make a judgment."
"You can't kind of be a lesbian."

Favorite Moment:

The scene in which Erica stood up to the Chief and confronted him about Izzie. That was some amazing acting from both and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brooke Smith will win an Emmy for that.

This is the end. The end of a great, multi-dimensional, interesting, determined, real character. The end of Callica. The end of my love for Grey's Anatomy. And the end of 'Grey's Anatomy Monday'.


Anonymous said...

great minds think alike.
i too wanted to put that very pic on my blog. but being new at this i wasnt sure if i would be 'stealing' someone else's bandwidth.

yeah i agree with you.
what a shame, they lost such a good actress, storyline and fans all in one go.

Nelfy said...

which picture? I upload all my pictures from my pc, to make sure that I don't 'steal' someone else's bandwidth, I can imagine that it can be a pain in the *ss having people just link to your pictures. I don't really know how that works, but still...

Yes, they did!

Britni said...

I agree about that line! You can "kind of be a lesbian". It's called bisexual.

Nelfy said...

I think what they were trying to say is 'You can't kind of be with me', but I guess that would have been too difficult or too complicated or too accurate! *sigh*

Yeah, I think hadn't they written Erica out Callie would have simply been bisexual and all would have been fine!